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With the largest number of bookmakers per capita, the UK has one of the most competitive betting markets in the world.

This, of course, can only be a good thing for the people which enjoy betting from the nation – lots of online bookmakers fighting for their money and their time, and luring them in with better and better offers bigger odds, larger bonuses, quicker withdraw times, better customer support.

Competition only breeds more quality, and UK betting sites are forced to get better and better to compete with the new players which appear every year. Today, we’ll talk about a bookmaker which has been around for a while but isn’t top-tier just yet: Redbet.

RedBet Bonus Offers & Promotions

We won’t go into great detail, but we will want to analyze one of the most critical portions or Redbet’s business: their bonuses and promotions. While mainland Europeans might be more acquainted with the broker, they are not that popular in the UK, despite being there since 2004.

They function under a UK Gambling Commission License and have a decent market share, but aren’t that firmly placed on people’s radars. Thankfully for them, they’ve caught up on this idea fairly well and adjusted their bonus policy to bring more people to the website.

And they’ve done it quite well, too. When visiting the “Promotions” section on their website, you enter a page which describes all their bonuses, from the ones targeted towards new customers to the standard ones for all players.

We especially enjoyed how well-organized welcome bonuses are: Redbet has three separate welcome bonuses, one for the sportsbook, one for the casino, and the last one for poker players.

RedBet Sports – Up To £100 Bonus Bets*

redbet sportsbook offer


Redbet’s campaign to attract new customers has taken a turn recently. We all know how important welcome bonuses are to the health of the entire customer onboarding process, and RedBet just changed theirs. They’re still split between the sportsbook and the casino, but they look better than ever.

Redbet’s new sportsbook bonus has a total value of £100 – a lot higher than the typical UK free bet which we’ve seen time and time again. It’s split into two distinct sections. Step 1 is receiving a £50 bonus bet. After placing a bet on odds of at least 4/5 (1,80), a new customer is entitled to receive 25% of his stake back, if the bet is a loser, up to a limit of £50.

Step 2 is getting £50 in bonus money, after your account has reached a certain sum played on RedBet’s sportsbook. To be more specific, customers are required to bet at least £200 worth of real money on odds of at least 1,80, to receive £50 in bonuses: £25 for the sportsbook and £25 to play around with in the RedBet Casino.

RedBet Casino – Up To £100 Welcome Bonus*

redbet casino offer

Here is where we can clearly see RedBet’s history. Although they’ve entered the sports betting world for some time, their focus is clearly on the casino. RedBet offers (at least from what we’ve seen so far) one of the biggest casino welcome bonuses in the UK gambling scene. They offer a 100% deposit welcome bonus with an upper limit of £100, for any new customer which makes a deposit of at least £20.

The upper limit is the interesting side of this bonus, after we’ve seen more and more customers go for lower limits, catering towards newer players with smaller budgets. RedBet’s bonus covers all players from small to medium, and we believe that’s the best approach. The big ones probably don’t need welcome bonuses and look for other things when choosing their bookmaker.

RedBet Poker Welcome Bonuses*

RedBet has come up with an extraordinary bonus scheme for new poker players. Simply put, they tailored their welcome bonus for poker depending on a player’s experience and financial availability:

For a £10 deposit, you will receive a £20 bonus, and half of every pound you spend on a tournament fee will be given back to you.

For deposits between £11 – £200, a 200% deposit bonus will be credited to the account, with a release rate of 25%.

For deposits over £201, up to £2000, the same bonus is maintained, but with a release rate of 20%.

Other Promotions & Gambling Offers

Apart from these three welcome bonuses, Redbet does have some additional, classic bonuses – like increased accumulators for sportsbook bets, or lots of free spins in game-of-the-week type promotions for the casino. Even though those aren’t bad claims, they fade in comparison to the great welcome bonuses, which we’re sure will bring a wealth of new players to RedBet.

*Terms & Conditions

The only thing which might hinder your experience with these promotions is not reading the terms and conditions of the website and bookmaker correctly. So take a few minutes of your time to look them up on the site – it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour. Make sure you understand everything about deposits, withdraws and how the bookmaker handles your money, as well as how to access the bonuses. It will surely be worthwhile in the long run.


That being said, we conclude by saying we’re thrilled to find such refreshing, original and great quality welcome bonuses at Redbet. We’re sure that these will ensure a healthy income of new customers, just in time for the summer season and the World Cup.