Argentina vs Colombia Predictions And Betting Tips – 15/11/2016

If we said that a team hasn’t won for four games, has the second weakest attack in the South American series, and the second weakest home record, would you guess who we’re talking about? If you haven’t guessed Argentina, we can’t blame you – nobody in the football world could predict they would look so […]

Chile vs Uruguay Predictions And Betting Tips – 15/11/2016

Chile – Uruguay is competing with Argentina – Columbia as the most important game of the South American qualifiers. The two teams are currently sitting 5th and second respectively, and will both be looking for a good result that will boost their chances to qualify. Chile needs the win much more than their adversaries, but […]

Peru vs Brazil Predictions And Betting Tips – 16/11/2016

The South American qualifiers for the World Cup are slowly but surely starting to showcase their winners and their losers. As every four years, South America is one of the most dynamic regions, with lots of surprises and almost never the same nations finishing on first spots. This time around, roughly all favorites are doing […]

Portugal vs Latvia Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

Portugal seems to treat these World Cup qualifiers just as they’ve treated the European Championship – growing their squad game after game. This time around, their opponent is Latvia, a team with no objective and nothing impressive so far. Can the Portuguese have any doubts of winning this game? Portugal v Latvia – 13/11/2016 Betting […]

Greece vs Bosnia-Herzegovina Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

Europe’s Group H proposed yet another great game for this Sunday. While Belgium’s game in Estonia is just a question about the number of goals we will see, we can choose to watch a derby for second place in the group : Greece vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina. The two teams are in direct competition for the playoff […]

Luxembourg vs Netherlands Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Day 4 of the European Qualifiers for the World Cup hosts lots of games between very weak teams and strong ones. We’re very eager to see where the surprises will take place if we’ll have any, but also think there are some games where an upset is officially off the cards […]

Belgium vs Estonia Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Group H of the European qualifiers has some unique features that make it very, very interesting to watch. One of these features is the fact that it hasn’t seen a single game ending in a draw in the first 3 days – all teams have clearly shown their superiority one over […]

Switzerland vs Faroe Islands Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers After Euro 2016, we seem to have a new order among the European squads. There are some teams which are no longer considered unbeatable or legendary, and some other nations which are quickly evolving and turning into top-flight squads. Switzerland is one of the latter – currently leading their qualifying group, […]

Bulgaria vs Belarus Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Bulgaria vs. Belarus is a game about ambition, ego and determination to succeed, much more than the actual 3 points put in the game. Both teams know perfectly well that they can’t compete for any place from the top half of the group, where France, Sweden, and the Netherlands are currently […]

Hungary vs Andorra Predictions And Betting Tips – 13/11/2016

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Hungary was one of the most surprising teams which took the start at Euro 2016 – and even managed some good results along the way. After such an exciting participation, they were eyeing a place for the World Cup as well, but things aren’t looking very good for them after 3 […]