England vs Malta: World Cup 2018 Qualifying Prediction & Betting Tips. 08 10 2016

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Nothing quite screams “handicap” like a game between a big international team and a minnow. In this weekend, we have a game between England and Malta, which seems that only poses questions regarding how many goals will England score. Although that is a fair assumption, betting on these games is not always that easy – let’s see why.

England vs Malta – 8th October

england vs malta 08 10 2016

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Malta, Moldova or Luxembourg are just weak teams. That means they don’t often concede lots of goals and even manage a win or draw from time to time – this makes betting on their games especially difficult.
Unfortunately for the Maltese, they don’t do particularly well against sides which play direct, attacking football – like Scotland, which beat them 5-1 on Day 1.
Meanwhile, England’s biggest issue is that they lost their manager, after Sam Allardyce decided to retire. They will be led by interim manager Gareth Southgate, which will surely want to impress the FA so that he will be awarded a permanent contract.
The team played rather badly against Slovakia on Day 1, only winning thanks to a very late goal from Lallana. They surely want a big win to please their fans, their young players and to build morale for their next game in Slovenia.

England vs Malta Betting Tips

Those are some reasons why the Maltese shouldn’t lose by a big margin. England has a new manager, doesn’t play brilliantly, and has a hard away game in just a few days.
A 2 or 3 goal lead will surely suffice and the English won’t push much harder. If you find good odds, Malta +4 or +5 can actually be good ideas.
If not … England -3 is the most we’d go for, and if you wish, over 3,5 is another great idea – especially if the minnows score first. Good luck!

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