Actual Outsiders For EURO 2016 Betting – Tips & Odds

Everyone likes a good underdog story, regardless of sport or competition. If you ever doubt that, try looking at the global craze that surrounded Leicester City’s recent title-winning campaign. Anyone who heard about the club was their supporter and cheered them past the finish line. If you’re looking for the same kind of experience at Euro 2016, we have a list of outsiders you can closely look at. Why not even make some money off their games? Their  betting odds of winning games are usually high and will provide good profits. Let’s check them out! rendez vous euro 2016

Short Previews And Betting Odds For EURO 2016 “Outsiders”

Wales – 81.00 Although not very impressive on paper, Wales (Group B) ties its chances to one of the greatest players of today: Gareth Bale. He is in top-form at the moment and played great in the last games for Real Madrid and can win a game almost entirely by himself if given the chance. Bet on him to score at least one or two goals in the group stage, which can potentially even qualify Wales to the knockout rounds. Czech Republic – 126.00 The Czechs are a team which can always mix up a great performance with an average one. Their team (Group D) has lots of experience, and with a small hint of luck can beat anyone, not only qualify from their group. Romania – 201.00 The best defensive record in the qualifiers will have a hard time against host nation France, but should do better against Switzerland and Albania. There is a good chance that Romania makes at least 4 points from this group, all while conceding few goals. Be on the lookout for bets like “Under 2,5 goals” and scores of 1-0 or 1-1. Sweden – 101.00 Zlatan’s team heavily relies on him to perform, but when he does, it’s very hard to stop them. Breaking record after record for PSG, Ibrahimović is the type of player that can score 2 goals from one half-chance. Ukraine – 101.00 The team alternates great performances with mediocre ones and only has one weak point: a rather clumsy goalkeeper. The rest of the team plays at top domestic or European clubs and are an experienced bunch. If Pyatov manages to do his job properly, Ukraine ( Group C ) can have quite a good run this year. Russia – 67.00 Russia is generally a hard team to beat. They don’t seem to have a great generation this year but are more oriented towards working hard and fighting for each ball. Their squad contains lots of players who are eager to prove themselves, and this enthusiasm can lead them to victory. Poland – 51.00 The Polish squad is yet another one which relies on a star player. Robert Lewandowski, who will probably sign for Real this summer, is one of the best strikers in the world at the moment. The rest of the team just needs to provide him with enough useful balls, and he’ll make sure to win games from there. Ireland – 161.00 Nobody gave Ireland chances to qualify for the tournament, but they did it in style, even managing a 1-0 win over Germany. The team plays classic British football – many long balls, quick wingers, manly tackles, etc. They will be looking for their first wins at final tournaments this year, and, why not, even a knockout stage presence.

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