Villarreal vs Osmanlispor Predictions & Betting Tips – Europa League 03/11/2016

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Villarreal-Osmanlispor is the second game group L of the Europa League. Here, we see a team which has done everything from European Cup semi-finals to relegation from their domestic top division, both events happening in the last 10 years, go against a debutant in the competition who’s out to get the big boys. Will we see a balanced game?

Villarreal vs Osmanlispor – 03/11/2016

villarreal vs osmanlispor 03 11 2016

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Betting Odds:  Villarreal 1.45 or 9/20  Draw 4.50 or 7/2  Osmanlispor 8.50 or 15/2

It seems like that’s all we see in this group. Although Villarreal has a great reputation and lost very few games this season, they haven’t won a lot either. If we look at their games, they only have 5 wins in their domestic league and 1 in Europe, a 2-1 victory over Zurich on day 1. They’ve also conceded their first domestic defeat of the season during the weekend, a 1-2 loss at Eibar after being up 1-0. Their defense has certainly been their strong suit this season, especially at home, where no team managed to score more than 1 goal, with one exception – Monaco. Meanwhile, Osmanlispor is the typical debutant in European cups. Playing well, gathering points (2-0 over Steaua and a 2-2 draw at home against Villarreal), but ultimately seeing that their squad can’t play on more than one front. They haven’t tasted victory since mid-September and are drifting down in their league standings, where they should focus most of their efforts. The team plays without much pressure in the Europa League, and have traveled to Spain knowing that anything is possible in their upcoming game.

Villarreal vs Osmanlispor Betting Tips

From a betting perspective, we do back Villarreal to do well here, especially against a squad which isn’t coming with the best morale. A solo home win is something to consider, and under 3,5 is another definite possibility. If you want a high-odd bet, go for Villarreal to win and under 3,5 goals – 2:0 and 2:1 being the most probable scorelines. Good luck!

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