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ACCA Betting Tips For World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup is, without a doubt, the competition which offers the most diverse and exciting betting opportunities throughout the year. The classic options are all there: outright bets on games, over/under goals, group winners, tournament winners, golden boot, you name it! They’ve been around since our parents were doing paper betting championships at their workplaces, long before the days of online betting. There is one type of football bet which isn’t used nearly as often as we’d like during the World Cup, though: the accumulator bet.

What is an accumulator bet?

In case you’re not familiar with this type of bet, it’s very simple. It consists of more than one selection, as it is only won in case all the games on the betting slip are won. For example, you might believe that Spain beats Portugal, Germany beats Mexico and Brazil beats Switzerland. Instead of creating three separate betting slips, each with its own odds, you create a single betting slip with all these outright bets, and with increased odds: the combined odds of the accumulator bet are equal to odds of game 1 x odds of game 2 x odds of game 3. It’s as simple as that

Pros and cons of accumulator bets

Being so straightforward, the pros and cons are also fairly easy to understand. Essentially, an accumulator bet trades in increased risk for increased rewards. You can easily win much bigger pots since the odds of an accumulator bet are much greater than the odds of three individual bets with the same odds, but it also increases your risk – one wrong selection, and your entire betting slip goes down the drain.

How to choose bets for an accumulator?

This is again, very easy – any bet can be a part of an accumulator, with only a few limitations. For example, most bookmakers do not allow an accumulator to be created with more than one selection from a single game. You can’t place Spain to win & Spain -1 on the same betting slip, since that would give you an unfair advantage. Apart from that, bettors usually choose relatively easy bets for accumulators, since the main purpose of an accumulator is to take advantage of larger odds. If a bet already has odds of 10, there’s no real reason to place it into an accumulator, is there?

How to create a winning accumulator?

When it comes to football betting, there really are no guarantees, but there are a few ideas which many online bookmakers recommend when it comes to creating a winning accumulator: Stick to few selections – between 2 and 5 is the sweet spot. The more games you have on your betting slip, the fewer chances you have of actually collecting money. We know that odds of 1,20 are seen as “sure to win”, but how many times have you seen a minnow manage to sneak a draw against a top-tier team? Don’t go for huge odds. Some people tend to select 2-3 games with odds between 1,20 and 1,40, only to add a final game with odds of 4 to the selection. There’s no real point in doing so – if you’re confident in the big odd game, play it as a single, don’t attach 3 additional games to it out of greed. An accumulator should have balanced odds between its selections. Don’t overly rely on favourites. It might sound easy to bet that Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Spain will all win their opening games at the World Cup, but the chances of that happening are actually slimmer than you think. Instead, it’s a much better approach to pick Brazil and Germany to win, maybe France to score over 1,5 goals, and maybe go for an additional selection from a more balanced game. Relying on favorites can only take you so far, and each World Cup day will have its surprises – be sure of that.


To sum up, taking advantage of accumulators boils down to responsible betting, after all. Correctly used, accumulators are a great weapon in the arsenal of any seasoned betting enthusiasts and have the chance to greatly increase the profits you can make of a single competition. Incorrectly used, they can quickly turn even successful bettors (those with >50% win rate) broke, hopeless and with no money in their betting account. The difference between these scenarios is always made by responsibility – how much discipline do you have an how well can you pick the best games, and not let your ego and greed get the best of you.
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