World Cup 2018 Betting Offers & Sign-Up Bonuses

World Cup betting offers and bonuses Find some betting offers and sign-up bonuses from online bookmakers for World Cup 2018. We will continue to update the content daily to provide you the best and the latest World Cup betting offers and bonuses.

If you’re serious about football betting, you surely have to have a plan revolving around the World Cup this year. It’s undoubtedly the biggest competition of the year, attracting hundreds of millions of fans from all around the world.

Betting on the World Cup 2018 is both extremely easy and extremely difficult – easy because everyone will be doing it and information will be very good, and difficult because it will require some preparation.

We recommend taking a look at World Cup betting offers as soon as they come online to make sure you’re in the best position possible ahead of the competition. And if you want to be even more ahead …

World Cup Betting Sign-up Bonuses

You can always take advantage of sign-up bonuses before the big tournament. Just think about it this way: by creating a new account with one or more new betting sites before the tournament starts, you can take advantage of their sign-up bonuses and place more bets on the World Cup games. Who doesn’t like free bets or bonus money coming from online bookmakers?

Of course, not all these betting offers and bonuses are equal – some are incredible offers which really should not be ignored, while others aren’t really worth your time and attention. We’ve come up with a list of welcome offers you should try before the tournament, although we’re sure that the best World Cup betting sites will have special offers for the competition later. Don’t worry, we’ll cover those as soon as they sprung in.

Mr. Green – £100 Matched Welcome Bonus*

One of the most famous bookmakers in the UK betting scene, Mr. Green offers new customers a £20 free bet or £100 matched welcome bonus when opening their accounts.

The best usage for free bets is on Day 1 of the World Cup games, where teams are still finding their rhythm and form and odds are still fairly high. Additionally, you could use the free bet on a more hard-to-predict game, like Spain – Portugal or England – Belgium, both which happen during the group stage.

NetBet – £50 Welcome Bonus*

NetBet currently offers their new customers one of the largest welcome bonuses in the industry. They essentially double any initial deposit you make into your account, up to a value of £50.

These kind of welcome bonuses are the best before a competition as big as the World Cup, as the flexibility they offer is unparalleled.

32Red – 100% Profit Boost For In Play Betting & A £10 Free Bet*

Live betting will surely be very important during the games you’ll watch this summer – why not choose a bookmaker which rewards you for it?

32Red offers new customers a 100% profit boost for their first in play bet, along with a £10 free bet.

ComeOn – £10 Free Bet*

ComeOn!’s staple welcome bonus has been around for quite some time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.

It isn’t as big or tempting as other welcome bonuses, but it can still be put to good use before the World Cup – where one free bet can represent the beginning of a successful streak.

Mobilebet – £10 Free Bet*

The £10 free bet is certainly nice, but you must know that Mobilebet offers this bonus both when registering on their website as well as when you download their betting app. You’ll essentially get two bonuses, which will get your betting on track a lot faster.

SunBets – £10 Free Bet*

The classic free bet which has been overly-discussed in the past – if it works, why change it? After taking advantage of these welcome bonuses, you should quickly get acquainted with the types of bets you can place.

Sure, there are your typical outright match bets, but these might provide you too low odds – especially if you’re opening multiple accounts just to take advantage of promotions.

What To Bet On FIFA World Cup 2018?

In that case, we recommend taking a look at different kinds of bets:

– Betting on the winner of the World Cup isn’t very easy or straightforward, but it’s a great use of a free bet. You don’t lose any money if your prediction is wrong, but you’ll get quite the sum if you get it right – especially if the winner turns out to be different than Germany, Brazil or France. Even in that case, you’re essentially playing at odds of 4 and above, compared to your standard 1.80 – 2.00 odds you usually pick on singular-match bets.

– Group progression bets are also a great idea because they give you lots of ways to win. Again, try to avoid clear bets like France, Germany or Brazil progressing from very easy groups. Instead, try to guess which team will finish second in highly contested groups, like the duel between Sweden and Mexico. Those selections will bring better odds and better use of your bonus money.

– Betting on top goalscorers can also be a great idea. Think of it this way – if you open 3-4 new accounts and get the same number of free bets, you can place them on lots of players winning the Golden Boot – like Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, and Werner. If one of these players wins, you’ll get from 10 to 16 times your initial wager, which was a free bet anyway.


To sum up, we strongly recommend taking advantage of sign-up bonuses that brokers offer before the World Cup. These offers open the door to a lot of strategies and potentially good combinations, which will start your World Cup betting journey on the right foot.

It’s a long competition with lots of games, and we’re sure you’ll have wins as well as losses. If some of the funds you play around with aren’t yours or are given to you for free, why not take advantage of this? After the competition, you’ll decide which bookmakers are worthy of more chances, and which have just been a summer fling.

Also, keep in mind that you have to fulfill certain terms and conditions for betting offers and bonuses at all online bookies to be able to withdraw your bonus money – this task is harder during the regular season but can be easier during the World Cup, due to higher odds and easier to predict games.