2018 FIFA World Cup: Betting On England – Preview, Bonus Offers & Odds

Betting on England at World Cup 2018

Betting on England at World Cup 2018 – Odds, specials, betting sites and their bonus offers, also team analysis, betting preview and tips.

When looking at the teams qualified for the 2018 World Cup, the most likely winners appear quite quickly.
Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain are among the most powerful teams, and the general consensus around the world is that they will all battle for the trophy.
These teams spark the imagination and enthusiasm of supporters, but there are a few more teams which do the same – although they aren’t big favorites to win the cup. One of these teams, which also happens to be very debated and discussed each edition, is England.

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Where To Bet? – The Best Bookmakers For Betting On England

best bookmakers for England betting at 2018 World Cup

While the diversity of bookmakers betting options is a good way to choose your favourite betting site for the 2018 World Cup, it isn’t the only thing you should consider. We recommend making sure that your choice of broker is licensed to operate in the UK, first and foremost.
Then, take a good look at their odds and compare them to those of a few main competitors, to make sure that you’re winning as much as you should be. Also investigate their bonus section, to see that you may receive when you open your account, as well as betting offers during the World Cup 2018.
Last but not least, give their terms and conditions a good read – not only the section about how to access bonuses but the others as well. You’ll want to learn everything you can about the broker, especially about how they deal with deposits and withdraws. A trustworthy partner will take you quite a long way.

The Chances To Win The World Cup 2018

England at World Cup 2018

This discussion around England’s chances of winning the World Cup if often times exaggerated, at least at first glance. We understand that it’s natural to consider each of the eight teams which have previously won the title as favourites for winning it again, but in that case, shouldn’t we put Uruguay on the list of favourites every year?
Even Italy has better results than the English in recent times, yet almost nobody is talking about the Squadra Azzura this year (mostly because they didn’t qualify, but people haven’t talked about them before either). There is something about England that always gets people going, asking the same question: “What is this year, luck is on England’s side, and they manage to at least play the final?”
Oddly enough, the question is usually phrased exactly like that, with emphasis on the term “lucky”. In recent iterations of the World Cup or the European Championship, the English have been on the receiving end of bad luck: either losing in penalty shootouts, due to bad referee calls, or being knocked out by the “revelation” of the tournament (eg. Iceland for Euro 2016), or by the eventual winner (Brazil, 2002). When you talk to passionate English supporters, they always say that their team has the necessary quality, but they’re just out of luck.
Looking into their World Cup runs, however, you could see a different trend. Since their victorious campaign in 1966 (more than 60 years ago), England has missed three World Cups: 1974, 1978 and 1994. Their best result was in 1990 when they finished fourth, and their most common one is being knocked out in the quarter-finals: 1986, 2002, 2006.
Last time around, in Brazil, they were seeded in the “group of death” alongside Italy and Uruguay, and lost to both these teams – only to prolong their suffering more with a 0-0 game against Costa Rica. Fair to say this result didn’t please their home fans, and they’ll certainly be gearing up for more in Russia.
But the main question on everyone’s lips is very simple – are they capable of doing any better? To answer this question, or at least give our opinion, we’d like to analyze three things: their squad, their group, and their rivals.

1. The squad

At a quick glance, there aren’t a lot of reasons to be happy – if you’re an English supporter that is. In the last 20 or 30 years, England has always had a few talismanic players of world-class, ready to step up and lead the team to victory. They usually had hundreds of caps and more than a handful of goals, and every English child knew their name and number by heart.
This year? Not so much. The cap-leader of the Joe Hart (75), followed by Gary Cahill (58). Apart from these two, most of the squad is around 20-30 caps, meaning that they’ve only been around the national team since before Euro 2016. Most of them have little or no previous World Cup experience, especially since their run in Brazil can hardly count.
Moreover, the team seems to be lacking cohesion in the final third. Apart from Kane, who is efficient just like with Tottenham, most of England forwards don’t play very well for the national team. Sterling, Rashford, Chamberlain, Vardy or Lallana usually have sub-par performances, and Dele Alli doesn’t have the freedom he enjoys with the Spurs. Worrying stuff, but at least they have a solid backline. Walker, Rose, Stones, Cahill, Smalling, and Jones are the most capped defenders, and they’re all quite good.
Thankfully, there are some reasons to smile: there are a lot of youngsters set to make the tournament of a lifetime. Even Kane can be considered one, along with Rashford, Lingard, Alli, Cook, Dier, or Sterling. If you really think about it, most of these players have already proven themselves at club level this year. Maybe it’s time they bring England some glory as well.

2. England’s group

Lady luck did smile on England this time around: Apart from Belgium, which will certainly prove to be a tough nut to crack, the other teams in group G are Panama and Tunisia. Panama are absolute debutants in the World Cup and shouldn’t win any points, while the Tunisians are hardly a scary team. Moreover, England plays both weaker teams in the first two days of the Group stage, meaning they can have 6 points and only play Belgium to decide the group winner – a nice position to be in.

3. England’s rivals

Another lucky strike here as well – after they finish first or second in the group, they will face the winner or runner-up of group H, which will likely be decided between Poland, Columbia and Japan. All these teams are (at least on paper) a little inferior to the English, to they have a good chance to at least reach the quarter-finals. Here, however, they will rely on luck again – they’ll most probably face Germany or Brazil, if all goes to plan.

England Odds At Online Bookmakers

Now that we’re acquainted with the team and their chances, it’s time to start digging into our main subject: the bets you can make on England around the World Cup 2018. For starters, we’ll start with the most obvious ones:
• Bet on where England will stop during the tournament. Are we looking for a fluke group stage exit, or will they (again) stop in the Quarterfinals? Will they go all the way? Online Bookmakers rate England with around the 8th chance to win the World Cup, so it isn’t that far-fetched.
To win outright – 18/1
To reach the final – 7/1
To reach the semi-final – 3/1
To reach the quarter-final – 5/6
To qualify from Group A – Yes 1/8, No 5/1
Top goalscorer: Harry Kane 16/1
• Outright betting on each of their games. Victory against Panama and Tunisia, maybe a draw with goals against Belgium?
• Over/under bets. Typically, England’s games are “under” games, since they have a strong defense and less ideal attacking threats. In their group, however, we expect three “over 2,5” games, since they should beat Panama and Tunisia comfortably and play for fun against Belgium.
18 June – Tunisia v England: Over 2.5 goals @ 9/10
24 June – England v Panama: Over 2.5 goals @ 3/4
28 June – England v Belgium: BTTS & over 2.5 goals @ 11/10
• Overall team stats. How many goals will the team score and concede throughout the tournament? How many yellow cards and red cards will their players see? Average possession in all games? Corners? You can bet on anything
Moving away from these choices, you can also look into individual bets. For example, the most common individual bet revolves around the top goalscorer of the team. Of course, Harry Kane is the easiest choice, but Sterling or Alli could also score a few, and English strikers don’t typically do well in these competitions. Remember 10 or 15 years ago when Lampard, Beckham or Gerrard scored a lot more goals than the forwards. Maybe those times are coming back.
Top team goalscorer: Harry Kane 6/5, Jamie Vardy 7/1, Dele Alli 7/1 or Danny Welback  33/1
Additionally, you can bet on who will captain the squad in the first game, since it isn’t a very clear pick. You can also wager on which player will have the most yellow cards, or will even swear the most – it’s all up to you!


In the end, we have to say we’re really excited to see how England will do in this year’s World Cup. It will surely be a thrilling competition, and we’d love to see them upset at least one of the “big” teams, which are now seen as tournament favorites.
They have a chance to face either Germany or Brazil in the quarter-finals, where an English victory would not only be surprising – it would be glorious for their home fans, who will sing about that match for generations.
It might just be the starting tournament for a new generation of superstars, led by Kane, Alli, Sterling, and Rashford. Of course, this is all on the optimistic side of things, but let’s keep it like that, shall we?


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