2018 World Cup Betting Guide: Group F Betting Preview & Predictions

2018 world cup group f2018 World Cup Group F Betting Preview, Teams Analysis, Betting Tips, Odds And The Bookmakers Sign-Up Offers Every World Cup edition, there’s something special about the group which contains the defending champions. Somehow, the majority of the football world is concentrated on looking at this team, analyzing every aspect of their game: can they live up to their last tournament? Are they able to go all the way and defend their crown? Or will they setup for a disappointing exit, like France’s exit in 2002 or Spain’s exit in 2014? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing is clear: Germany has quite a tough task this year. Being the footballing powerhouse that they are, anything below playing in the final could be considered a failure for the German side. Throughout history, they haven’t had much success after any of their previous 3 World Cup wins. After their 1974 victory, they exited during the second group stage of the 1978 tournament, and following their other two wins, they always stopped during the quarter-finals. Will this year prove any different? And can their group colleagues (Mexico, Sweden and South Korea) pose any threat to the qualifying chances of the current World Cup winners?

2018 World Cup Group F Betting Preview & Teams Analysis

The answers for these questions will start coming on the 17th of June in Moscow, with the opening game of the group – Germany vs. Mexico. Until then, here are some brief ideas about this group’s squad and some World Cup betting sites ideas:

Where To Bet On World Cup 2018 Group C Matches?


Germany football team logoWe don’t want to repeat lots of the things we’ve said during our analysis of the favorites to win this year’s tournament – and it’s hard to find lots of flaws in this German team. It seems they have everything on their side: a great generation, playing at Europe’s best clubs, tradition, experience, an awesome head coach, and the desire to win back-to-back World Cups for the first time in their history. But we’ve seen this trend before – teams looking unstoppable on paper, only to completely flunk out and exit the competition without a single win. France’s exit during the group stage of 2002, or Spain’s early group exit in 2014 are just some of the most recent examples. It seems that this is the only thing the Germans should be wary of: complacency. They are a strong side from a mental point of view, so we wouldn’t really expect many issues. In fact, Germany seems to win even if they aren’t playing great. That is why we believe that they should easily top the group, and score at least over 1,5 goals in each of their games. If there’s one game which could prove to be very unbalanced, it’s the one against South Korea – we see no issue in Germany winning 4 or 5-0 there.


mexico national football team logoHistorically, Mexico is the most successful team in the CONCACAF region, having a wealth of participations in the World Cup. Their most interesting period was between 1994 and 2014, where they were eliminated in the round of 16 every single time. The stage is thus set: win second place in the group, qualify, and get knocked out by the first team which you play against. They’ve never gone higher than quarter-finals in the competition, and this happened all the way back in 1986. This time around, they have a good, experienced team, ready to try and equalize this performance. Sadly for them, if all goes according to plan and they win second place, they could face Brazil in the Round of 16 – which could prove synonymous to another early exit. Chicharito Hernandez, Marquez, Guardado and dos Santos are the current leaders of the squad, all bolstering over 100 caps, while other players like Vela, Peralta, Herrera or Layun have 60-70 caps as well. The teams don’t look bad at all – but unfortunate seeding could be the end for them. If they’re lucky, they might draw Germany in the opening game of the group, then proceed to have better results against Sweden and South Korea, to top the group and avoid Brazil. All in all, we expect them do to well against the weaker teams in the group, and at least score against the Germans.


sweden national football team logoIs Sweden really a team without the leadership of Zlatan Ibrahimović? That does seem to be the question on everyone’s lips, although it doesn’t look very respectful towards the players on the Nordic team. After failing to qualify for the last two editions of the tournament, despite relying on the services of the legendary striker, Sweden once again appears on the World Cup stage, ready to try and fight for a knockout round place. Sure, they’ll probably fall short of equalizing their best performance, third place in 1994 and 1950. Most of the issues of their squad come from up front, where Toivonen, Guidetti or Forsberg aren’t exactly top class attacking players, meaning that Sweden might have issues finding the opposition’s net. Against a team like Mexico, this handicap could prove decisive, and might make the difference between a second and third place finish. From a betting perspective, we expect a narrow defeat against Mexico, and a failure to score against Germany.

South Korea

korea rep national football team logoMany people still think about South Korea as the team who beat Spain and Italy to reach the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup. Spoiler alert: 16 years have passed since that competition, and the players are not the same. Although South Korea has qualified for all World Cup tournament since then, they’ve only managed to exit the group stage once, in 2010 -and we don’t expect them to progress this time around either. Simply put, the team doesn’t seem to have enough quality to match that of Mexico or Sweden, not to mention Germany. With only Ki Sung-Yueng, Son Heung-Min and Lee Chung-Yong being serios first eleven contenders in good European clubs, the squad simply lacks quality on all fronts. Most of their talent comes from Asian leagues, where they simply aren’t used to the rigors of top-tier football. We expect South Korea to lose all the games in their group, and be unable to prevent a disaster from occurring against Germany.


We’re very eager to see the defending champions at work – although they start their World Cup tournaments quite slowly. Most of the games in the group should be quite disputed and balanced, with a few notable exceptions, but we do expect to see goals. No team is very defensive in nature, which can only be a good thing.