2018 World Cup Group G Betting Preview, Predictions & Tips

2018 world cup group g2018 World Cup Group G Betting Guide – Teams Analysis, Betting Tips, Odds And The Bookmakers Sign-Up Offers After two groups (E and F) where the winner is very clear, we move on to group G, where things aren’t nearly that easy to predict. Thankfully for the two teams involved in the race for first place, the winner of the group doesn’t matter that much! Both Belgium and England are certain that they’ll beat the weaker teams in the group, and seeding isn’t very important either – in fact, one could argue that it’s a coin toss. We can’t predict how things will look in group H for the life of us, but those teams are surely weaker than Belgium or England. Or are they?

2018 World Cup Group G Betting Preview & Teams Analysis

But we’re not here to talk about Group H – we’re still at Group G. A group which football betting enthusiasts will both love and hate for its simplicity. On paper, there are only two balanced games in the group: Belgium – England and Tunisia – Panama. The rest of the encounters will probably have low odds for outright victories, leading us to think that we might be better of looking for other ideas. At the end of the day, Group G is one of the clearest in the tournament, with little chances for either Tunisia or Panama to make a realistic attempt to win second place. Regardless, we want to analyze all the teams in the group and provide some useful betting tips!

Where To Bet On World Cup 2018 Group G Matches?

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belgium football team logoBelgium has often been one of those teams which looks excellent on paper, but somehow just can’t seem to get the results they should. Just look at their recent World Cup record – the only edition they played in since 2002 was 2014, where they exited during the quarter finals. A pretty good result given their lack of international experience, but still feels like it’s below their potential. Why do we say below their potential? Just look at some of the names from their squad: Courtois, Vertonghen, Kompany, Alderweireld, Meunier, Witsel, Fellaini, Dembele, De Bruyne, Hazard, Carrasco, Tielemans, Lukaku or Mertens. Most of these players play for some of the biggest clubs in Europe, with great success. They dominated their way to the quarter finals of Euro 2016, only to get surprisingly knocked out by Wales. Will the same kind of surprise happen in the World Cup? We think not – we expect them to at least reach the quarter finals again, since they will easily beat Panama and Tunisia and whoever comes from Group H afterwards. Belgium vs Panama might just be the highest scoring game in the tournament, with most goals scored by the Red Devils.


There truly is no team like England when it comes to being considered as a potential World Cup or Euro winner every single time, although they come short more often than not. In fact, with the exception of their 1966 win, they haven’t played a single final, and only got to top 4 once in 1990. Their recent record is even worse, with Round of 16 exits in 1998 and 2010, quarter final exits in 2002 and 2006 and an embarrassing group stage exit last time around in Brazil. The biggest piece of news around the English squad is the new generation which will bear the responsibility of the result. Rooney was the last player from a generation which failed to live up to expectations, and Kane, Alli, Sterling, Henderson and Dier are set to try to achieve more – together with their more experienced defensive colleagues Cahill, Walker, Stones or Jones. There is a worry that the team doesn’t have enough experience to beat the big teams, as the most experienced player has just short of 60 caps. That being said, they don’t have to produce great football to beat Tunisia and Panama, but might fall short against Belgium. We predict a loss against the Red Devils in the last match of the group, and if they’ll face Poland in the Round of 16, they might have trouble there too. Also, if you’re looking for a bet with higher odds, try going under 2,5 goals scored by England against Tunisia.


tunisia national football team logoSpeaking of the African nation, people have found it quite surprising that they’ve managed to reach the World Cup. They’ve failed to do so in the last two occasions, although they’ve qualified for the 1998, 2002 and 2006 editions. Those three tournaments looked almost identically – 0 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, barely scored a goal. Quite non-impressive. Is 2018 the year in which Tunisia will win their second game during a World Cup Final Tournament? The previous one took place 50 years ago. The squad doesn’t have lots of top-class talent either. Most players come from their domestic league, while some (the ones we expect to perform, too) come from abroad. Khazri (Rennes), Sassi (Al – Nassr), Ben Youssef (Kasimpasa) are some of the more recognizable names, but the expectations aren’t that high. Realistically, Tunisia are aiming to beat Panama and not get completely run over by Belgium and England. Which is exactly what we recommend from a betting perspective – outright victory against Panama, a narrow defeat (1 or 2 goal difference) against England, and steering clear of the Belgium game. That one can just as easily finish 0-1 or 0-5.


panama national football team logoAt the end of our group G analysis, we’ve reached the most surprising team of this year’s World Cup – absolute debutants Panama. To be fair, they didn’t enter the first editions, from 1930 to 1974. Since 1978, they’ve failed to reach a single final tournament, so this year is their first appearance. What objective could they possibly have besides not making a mockery of their participation? Their squad is quite … exotic. Their non-domestic talent comes from Dinamo Bucharest (Penedo), the MLS (Torres, Cummings, Murillo, Escobar, and others), or Gent II (Avila and Rodriguez). The rest of their players are registered around the Caribbean leagues, but have loads of caps for the national team. The objective is clear: concede under 10 goals in 3 games, and maybe score – who knows? We can’t figure out any smart betting idea here either – over 3,5 goals scored against them in every game.


All in all, we’d be a lot more excited about group G if the game which decides first place (Belgium vs. England) would take place sooner in the group fixtures. In this case, they might just use lots of reserves and call it a day, since both teams will probably be qualified by then. Maybe group G will provide the score of the tournament, with Panama on the receiving end. Either way, we’ll be in for some quite spectacular games in this group.