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Welcome to SportsBetting777! Do you know what are the best Irish betting sites & how to compare them? Find top online bookmakers & bonuses in Ireland here. Our website will guide you to compare the latest betting offers for new and existing customers and choose the right bookie. We publish reviews of legal and licensed online betting sites in Ireland and our efforts to present the bettors only trustworthy and reputable bookmakers will continue in the future. Be informed, improve your sports betting skills and bet responsibly!

Best Betting Sites In Ireland For 2020

Irish betting sites

Saying that online sports betting is popular in Ireland is probably an understatement. Now, online gambling has grown into a full-fledged industry, and has become increasingly more complicated to understand. Our purpose is to clear out some of the confusion, and give everyone and idea of how betting looks like in the 21st century. The first thing that hits any newcomer when it comes to online betting is the sheer number of options.

Nowadays, the process of building your own online bookmaker or casino has become something quite manageable, so the options have increased tenfold. To beat competition in the gambling market, the Irish sports betting sites offer their new customers free bets and sign-up bonuses. While all these promotions, enhanced odds and bonuses are quite attractive, it’s still important to understand what you are getting into by accepting these sign-up offers.

List Of Top Irish Online Bookmakers

Irish Bookies Sign-Up Bonuses & Promotions Explained

The welcome bonuses usually match the stake you place on your first bet, although sometimes bookmakers will offer a larger free bet than your first stake. For example, a normal bonus for soccer, tennis or horse racing betting sign-up offer may be a free €20 bet and to receive that you need to place a €10 bet as your first bet with the online betting site. However, during busy periods when sports books are competing for your trade, you may receive the €20 or more free bet for only staking €1 on your first bet.

We’ve mentioned bonuses above as an important aspect when comparing online betting sites in Ireland, but feel like we have to expand on the subject a bit. Comparing the betting offers can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not very experienced when it comes to sports betting. There are a couple of different kinds of promotions and welcome bonuses you should know:

What’s The Difference Between Deposit & No Deposit Bonuses

Deposit and no deposit bonuses are very common across the entire gambling industry. Deposit matching bonuses are quite simple, just like free bets: on the first deposit you make on a betting website, the bookmaker will reward you with a percentage of that deposit (usually between 50% and 200%, and with an upper limit) in the form of bonus money. The key thing to know about bonus money is that you have to go through certain conditions to be able to withdraw it – these conditions are usually spelled out quite clearly, like playthrough conditions or minimum odds. Take good care in reading about them before opening your account and placing bets.

When Sports Betting Sites Offer Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are mostly used for existing customers, but can also be used as a welcome bonus for people opening accounts near big sporting events, such as cup finals, derby games, or the Super Bowl. For these special games, bookies might opt to increase the odds of one or both teams to numbers like 5 or 7, just to get people to bet on the game and place money into their account. Winnings usually come in the form of bonus money, which we’ve talked about above. Other promotions are not as common, and are usually more related to a specific sport or team. As a rule of thumb, always be wary of offers which sound too good to be true, since it’s usually the case.

Betting Markets & Most Popular Sports To Bet On In Ireland

Of course, none of these welcome bonuses and betting offers would be worth anything if you didn’t have something to bet on, right? That’s where betting markets and odds come in. Online betting sites are always in competition to have as many competitions as possible, across as many sports as possible. Major football leagues and tennis matches don’t cut it anymore – the modern bettor wants exotic leagues, new sports (like E-sports), special events and lots of options for each individual game.

How To Choose A Reliable Online Irish Betting Site

Choosing the best betting sites for your needs and desires has just become so much trickier. Not only do you have to navigate away from the fakes that just want to take your money, but you also want to be sure you get the best offers possible for your powers. This might sound impossible at first glance, but fear not. There are a few things which choosing the best bookmaker boils down to (in no particular order):

Reputation might be the first thing that comes to mind. There are a few titans in the betting business, and they’ve haven’t come so far without providing great services to their customers. If you hear about a bookmaker on the TV, online, from your friends and also see their adverts in person, they’re probably a good bet. Some of the biggest names also sponsor football clubs and other sports personalities, so that’s always a good sign. Typically, the better reputation a betting site has, the safer you are from scams and bad service. Search for betting site reviews online, including on our site – we have a ton of them posted.

Betting markets are either a very complicated topic or a very simple one. We prefer the simple approach, which says that a bookmaker should have: a) lots of different betting markets, to ensure that you can find any game you want from any sport and b) be focused on the sport which you enjoy betting on the most. Some UK online bookmakers and European betting sites are football and horse racing experts, while other focus on other sports which are extremely popular in the US, Australia or New Zealand. If you’re a very experienced bettor, maybe a more niche betting site suits you best – after all, they’ll surely have the best offers and bonuses for a particular sport. If you’re more of a betting enthusiast and less of a professional, you’ll surely enjoy a sportsbook which gives you lots of possibilities to choose from. To each their own.

We can’t really discuss a bookie without talking about bonuses. At the end of the day, some gamblers believe that this section is the most important when choosing a long-term betting partner. We have written quite an in-depth article on bookmaker bonuses, but want to re-iterate a few key points here. Bonuses are extremely important for new and existing customers alike, and should be compared both in terms of size and quality.

Odds quality looks like a non-factor in the early days of an analysis, but can prove quite important in the long run. Losing 0,01 – 0,02 per each bet can net you quite a few hundred dollars in losses at the end of the year, if only you chose a better gambling site. Odds analysis, however, requires a bit more time that a few minutes – it requires following a league or team you’re interested in over the course of a few weeks, and getting as many odds from as many bookmakers as possible. Only then will you truly know the quality of a website’s odds.

Pay-outs and money management is another topic which is often overlooked, but has an immense impact on a punter’s overall happiness. Pay-outs, for starters, should be simple to make and quick to execute, both when depositing money as well as withdrawing it. Nowadays, punters also want to have as many options as possible when dealing with money – from the traditional credit and debit cards, all the way to e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and more. The age of cash betting is long gone.

Always make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any bonus very carefully before opening an account or opting in for a certain promotion. In these terms and condition, you’ll see what types of bets qualify for the bonus, how you can opt in or out, how the winnings will be paid, etc. It takes just a little time to completely understand this topic, and it will do you a world of good in the long term. If you still have questions after reading the terms and conditions, do not hesitate to drop an e-mail to customer support.

Customer service should also be mentioned. If your issues and questions take too long to get solved, or can only be communicated through e-mail, you’ll quickly grow to resend your bookmaker. In the modern betting industry, customer support has to be quick, live and professional. Any Irish gambling site which fails to provide this will lose customers in the long run.

Sports Betting Sites Quality, Responsiveness & Mobile Apps

Nowadays, however, a betting website with bonus offers isn’t enough. This was modern and ground breaking 20 years ago, and common 10 years ago, but today everyone is looking to go mobile. And not only mobile – the idea is that a punter has to be able to bet on any sporting event, at any given time (even live) from any device and anywhere in the World he has an internet connection.

This means that a betting site has to have their website mobile-friendly at the bare minimum, if not a top-tech mobile betting app as well. Speaking of the website, it’s no longer acceptable to have sub-par representation there. Everything has to be sleek, nicely coloured, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, very responsive and easy to navigate through.

Responsiveness comes in handy in live betting as well. There, quick processing times can make the difference between a smart, quick winning bet and a laggy losing one. Moreover, lots of betting sites also prefer to offer live streaming services on their platform for certain games, which also require their website to be quite powerful. There simply is no going around without top-notch technology when it comes to this domain anymore. If you want to avoid technology, open a brick and mortar betting shop and be content with 50 customers.

Banking Methods – Deposits & Withdrawals

Although we’ve mentioned payment methods briefly above, we feel we want to detail a bit what we’ve meant. It’s in direct connection with the modernity that is required from bookmakers. Their customers get paid in lots of different ways and assign different values to different things. For some, being able to load and unload their accounts using an e-wallet (like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller) is quite important. For others, betting might be one of the few real-world usages for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In the recent years many online gambling sites have been adding cryptos as an alternative payment option due to the fact that it’s quite fast and more anonymous than the classic ones. If you are interested in this money management method, we’d suggest you read our guide to bitcoin gambling sites. For a select few, privacy is most important – they’d rather perform their deposits using prepaid cards, just so nobody in their family or work place can actually track what they do with their money.

There are a lot of banking methods available for online gambling websites but every player needs to choose the most comfortable option depending on factors such country of residence, laws or fees. For example wire transfers, credit cards or bitcoin are more acceptable options at US sports betting sites, meanwhile e-wallet solutions are very popular in the European countries.

Our suggestion would be to check the payment methods online Irish bookmakers offer to find out the most suitable option for your betting experience. We have published a few important reviews of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can read and reveal more about each option on our website. Flexibility is extremely important, as is security.

Speaking of security, any serious betting site should make sure that their website is on par with the requirements of the time. Make sure to do your research online about a gambling website to make sure that they don’t have a history of getting hacked – if they do so while you are their customer, you can lose a lot more things than money: personal data, or even your identity.

Online Casinos

Online casinos, as well as betting websites and poker rooms, are inseparable parts of gambling industry. Although we are mostly concentrated on sports betting, we do offer our visitors important information about casinos and the welcome bonuses they offer to new players.

We have chosen and reviewed a few good and reliable Irish online casinos, which are famous by the bonuses and customer service they provide. It is crucial to collect before sign-up as much information as possible about your first or next online casino, for example if they are licensed, whether they have the banking methods you prefer or the games you would like to play.

Feel free to visit the casino sites we have listed at our website, explore sign-up bonuses available on the website’s “Promotions” section (it doesn’t matter if it’s a deposit or no-deposit bonus, because it is unacceptable to judge online casinos by only the offers they have, there are more criteria to evaluate them, which you can find in the casino reviews), then register and play for fun and entertainment (don’t forget to play responsibly, it is the number 1 rule in the gambling).

Our Goal

After reading the article once, we recommend building a checklist and going out there, in the market, and analyzing a bunch of betting sites in Ireland based on it. We’re sure you’ll reach some great conclusions and make the best pick for your betting partner, which will take you on roads you’ve always wanted to go on: where fun joins up with profits.

The interest in online sports betting is only going to increase, and you can be sure that we will always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments in the industry. Bonus for sign up, as well as daily price boots and free bets are just some of the enhancements gambling account holders can receive.

For us the ongoing concessions are just as important as the initial betting offers. Customers cannot be forgotten just because they have opened an account, and loyalty from these companies means a lot as far as we are concerned.

The team behind Sports Betting 777 have a wealth of experience in the online gambling industry and are very well placed to advise and give suggestions where the best Irish sports betting sites are concerned, so bettors can easily find the best places to bet online right here. Stick with us to enhance your online betting success!