Responsible Gambling

How to stay in control of your gambling

Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money.
Always gamble with money that you can afford to lose.
Never chase losses.
Set a money and time limit.
Don’t gamble when you are depressed or upset.
Gambling and alcohol are not a good combination.

Some general signs of a potential gambling problem

Constantly thinking or talking about gambling.
Spending more time or money on gambling than you can afford.
Finding it difficult to control, stop, or cut down gambling, or feeling irritable when trying to do so.
Gambling more in order to win back losses or get out of financial trouble.
Thinking that your gambling will get under control as soon you have a ‘big win’.
Having increased debt, unpaid bills, or other financial troubles because of your gambling.
Having arguments with friends or family about money and gambling.

Problem gambling help

If you need help and advice about gambling addiction, or you think you may have a gambling problem, please stop immediately any gambling activity and visit the following websites for more information:



Responsible Gambling Council:

Gamblers Anonymous UK:

National Council on Problem Gambling USA:

Problem Gambling Help Canada:

Gambling Helpline New Zealand:

South African Responsible Gambling Foundation: