Top NZ Online Bookmakers Reviewed

Since the gambling and betting industries are growing year over year, the number of online bookmakers in New Zealand has also grown in an impressive manner in recent years. We can hardly remember the time when if you wanted to get into sports betting, you had maybe 4 or 5 options of brick-and-mortar companies – if you didn’t live in a large town, that is. Nowadays, you can use your smartphone or computer to place bets online, together with one of the many of possible online NZ betting sites. Sounds like too much information to handle? That’s where we come on.

Top NZ Sports Betting Sites For 2020

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Why Read Our Reviews Dedicated To NZ Betting Sites

We have a lot more information available on our website: generalities about gambling and sports betting, glossaries of all sorts, gambling system analysis, math theories, you name it. We also look into things which aren’t necessarily about sports betting, such as reviewing e-wallets and other internet payment options. But at the end of the day, most of this information is used to analyze bookmakers from the market, and bring our readers the best information available about them. And this work is important for a number of reasons:

• The amount of information is huge.

The number of online betting sites in New Zealand out in the wild is amazing, and is increasing at a staggering rate. Not only are there new businesses appearing, but the companies which we’ve known for years and years are branching out and developing new services. Keeping track of all these betting sites and what they offer is a daunting task, and one we’ll gladly do for you. If you read the reviews we write, you’ll surely be able to make the best choice possible in terms of sports book.

• Most online reviews are opinion works.

Most of the short reviews you can easily find online are just the opinions of certain people about how “good” a betting site really is. Either that, or their grading system is completely flawed. Our review process is based on facts, numbers and stories from actual customers, and we do our best to just present accurate information – with as little of our interpretation as possible. There are articles in which we make rankings and tops, but the actual reviews are objective, transparent, and just lay out information. It’s your decision what you do with this information.

• Transparency and independent reviews aren’t that common.

It’s so easy to get content written these days, and bookmaker reviews make no exception. If you walk around a bit, you might find several reviews for the same gambling site saying exactly the same thing. Our reviews are transparent, based on updated information, and, most importantly – independent. They’re not ordered by one bookmaker or another, and are the work of a dedicated team of bettors who spend their days in the market and their nights writing articles.

• Bookmaker reviews should be written by actual bettors.

This should go without saying. There is no substitute for real world experience in any domain, and online gambling and betting is no exception. Our team composes of several people who have been betting online for tens of years, and who know the ins and outs of the business by heart. These are the people we trust to write honest reviews, and not just spit out information which you could easily find online.

What To Consider When Choosing A NZ Betting Site

And to show you just how much business we really mean, we want to go a bit more in-depth into the system we use to analyze bookmakers. The following criteria are what we look into when checking betting sites out, and represent our set of rules. They shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. In fact, we believe that these are the things without which an online gambling site simply couldn’t function in our days. Here they are, numbered, although we couldn’t say that one is more important than the other.

1. Bonuses and promotions

We started with this not because it’s the most important part of the analysis, but because it weights a lot in the eyes of most punters nowadays. This weight is mostly because you’re only looking for a new betting site if you’re not satisfied with your current one – and in that case, the bonus section is especially important. The quality of the welcome bonus is something we analyze very carefully in our reviews, but we’re also keen to not overlook the ongoing bonus scheme. After all, the welcome bonus only lures a new client in. The rest of the betting bonuses and promotions have to keep him there.

2. Reputation

Involving reputation in a sportsbook review can be seen as silly, but it all depends on how you involve it. We believe that if we take into consideration a large enough number of opinions, it can be a good gauge of the quality we can expect from a bookie. If we’d just take the first three articles we’d find online into consideration, all bookmakers would be heavenly.

3. Betting markets, sports and games

This part is extremely self-explanatory: everything nowadays is about having many options in online betting. Bettors want to be given many leagues, many games, and many betting options on each game. The more the merrier, as the saying goes. Some online gambling sites will want to accommodate this, while others will want to have more niche services – the latter have to make sure that if they offer fewer sports or leagues, they have to have lots of bets available for these.

5. Live betting

In-play betting has become more and more present in recent times, especially in collaboration with mobile betting. The trend seems to be that you have to be able to place a bet from any medium, at any time, on whatever sporting event you truly fancy. It goes without saying that we make sure that a betting site’s live betting service work seamlessly and quick.

6. Mobile betting

Smartphones were the most used medium from which bettors placed bets in 2018 so far – and they’ll surely grow in popularity over the next couple of years. When we look at sportsbooks, the minimum we expect to find is a mobile-optimized website. We’d be a lot more thrilled to find a native mobile app, that’s for sure.

Casino games

While this is never a deal breaker, we appreciate gambling sites who have other games available on their website. A casino is especially something we look forward to seeing from gambling website, as it’s almost an industry standard nowadays.

Customer service

Customer service will never not be important. And there are so many things to look at! From the classics like how polite and helpful customer support representatives are, to how many means you have of contacting them. Live chat, for example, is growing in popularity among bookies.

Money management: banking methods

Gone are the days when you could only use credit or debit cards to pay for online betting. Now, we expect to see support for the most popular e-wallets, as well as more creative ways to at least deposit money, if not also withdraw. These might not be cheap or appeal to the general public, but there is a category of bettors who appreciate privacy a lot more than we think.

10. Ease of use and access

At the end of the day, we also want to analyze how easy a sportsbook’s website is to use. We especially enjoy analyzing how easy we can find useful information, such as terms and conditions and other such things. The bulkier a website is, the lesser time punters will want to spend on it.


And there we have it – that is the list of criteria we use to analyze online NZ sports betting sites. Read as many of our reviews as you want on our New Zealand Bookmakers Review page, and even drop us a line saying if you enjoyed them or not. We’re not saying that we identified the perfect way to write reviews, and we might not get it right all the time – but we aim to be transparent and correct in our actions, all the time.