Best Soccer Betting Sites In Canada For 2020

soccer betting sites Canada

If sports betting is a kingdom, soccer betting is surely the king of it. It moves more money than all the other games in the betting industry combined, and why wouldn’t it? It is, after all, the most popular sport on the planet, played by billions of people and watched by the same number.

That being said, its popularity has moved almost exponentially from real life into the betting world. Everyone who plays soccer enjoys placing a bet or two on a game, but lots of people who never kicked a ball in their life are also hooked up with this activity.

In this case, every serious soccer bettor needs a great betting site to help him reach new heights – and a standard, street corner one won’t do. Luckily, we’ve taken the liberty of examining some of the most popular betting sites in Canada, and have found the ones which are the best for betting on soccer.

Top Betting Sites For Betting On Soccer

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How To Choose A Good Sportsbook For Betting On Soccer?

In theory, adding soccer games to the best Canadian sportsbooks offer list is simple, isn’t it? Odds for a team’s win can easily be calculated as an average of other online odds, with little to no hassle – or so it seems at first glance. In the long run, even small variations of odds like 0,01 one way or the other can mean millions of dollars moving from one pocket to the next.

Furthermore, lots of betting options aren’t as straightforward as 1, X or 2 – while these can be easily calculated, can you tell us from the top of your head what would be the correct odd for Messi to score between 10 and 20 goals in the Spanish LaLiga? 10/1? 20/1? 30/1? A great soccer betting site will have this selection available and well calculated – a good one will not.

Spotting a bookmaker with lots of experience in soccer betting isn’t very hard. While some features differ from site to site, we’ve located a few common traits of good online sportsbook:

Betting markets & game selections

Great selection of games. From the Premier League and LaLiga to the Finnish second league, a good soccer betting site will give you lots of options to choose from.

Betting options

Lots of betting options. When looking into a standard, average bookmaker, we might expect to see around 100 different bets for an individual game. A good one, however, will have somewhere around 200, and some games can have close to 300 various options. Want to bet that Ronaldo scores a hat-trick, then gets a yellow card for diving? The best ones have an odd for that.

In-play betting

Excellent in-play betting. Live betting has never been more important, especially with all the recent technological advancements. In-play betting is now done both from desktop and mobile apps, and the quality, execution time and precision of these bets is now vital.

Bonuses and free bets

Good betting bonus schemes. Special soccer betting bonuses, free bets and enhanced odds are great, especially for new players.

Popular bets

Good selections for popular soccer bets. Specialized online betting sites will have lots of options for handicap bets, over/under bets and special soccer events which can take place in a game.


Of course, these are just a few of the things which differentiate a great soccer betting site from an average one. A balance must be found between all these, of course, and adaptation is critical in this field, especially with all the information readily available online about betting systems.

In conclusion, picking top sportsbooks for soccer betting should not be a random occurrence. No two bookies are equal here, and working with one who is specialized in the sport can do wonders for your overall profits. By picking one from the list we’ve made above, you will inevitably begin a relationship which will be fruitful, trustworthy and excellent overall.