new betting sites UK 2018 - latest betting offersThe old and the new always clash in the betting industry, usually when competing for the grand prize: market share.

Although more and more people are taking up sports betting, both as a hobby and as a way to earn some side income, the number of clients in the industry will always remain finite. Thus, the quantity of money will continue to be vastly the same, so the best bookmakers have no other choice but to try and get each other’s customers.

While some rely on tradition, word of mouth and other age-old techniques, new betting sites are using different methods to bring customers on their side. We have yet to see a clear winner in this fight, but we have seen a few good reasons why we’d choose a new bookmaker over an old one.

New betting sites, sign up bonuses & free bets

So far, so good, it seems. We’ve managed to understand how a new betting site is different from a traditional one, what their advantages are and what you should look for when evaluating a new sportsbook.

The only “issue” is the extremely large number of new bookmakers on the UK sports betting scene. When will you find the time to give them all an honest review? Thankfully, we’ve covered some of the best out there for you in the following list:

Royal Panda £100 Deposit Bonus

Royal Panda sportsbook and casinoRoyal Panda are one of the “old” new bookmakers, running around the scene for a few good years. They are especially known at this moment for their £100 joining bonus, although some terms and conditions do apply.

More often than not, their joining offers are the best on the market – make sure you snatch up a good one when creating your account.

Mr Green £100 Deposit Bonus

Mr Green sportsbook and casinoMr Green is the type of bookmaker which is impossible to forget. With great branding and one of the best websites we’ve seen, they seem to be attracting customers through their sheer quality.

Of course, a 100% match on your first deposit doesn’t hurt either.

Sun Bets Promo Code & £30 Free Bet

Sun Bets sportsbook and promo codeSunBets is a bookmaker and casino owned by the legendary Sun newspaper. With all this marketing power comes great responsibility, and the management of the new bookmaker knows that they have to permanently come up with great offers. Sometimes their bonuses are lackluster, others are pure genius. Either way, having an account with Sunbets will never be dull.

32Red £10 Free Bet

32Red sports and casinoAfter many years on the online casino scene, the group opened online sportsbook, which has a gambling license in the UK.

They have lots of interesting bonuses, from a 10-pound no-deposit bonus to a £32 bonus for every £20 deposited on your first purchase – up to £160.

NetBet £50 Free Bet

NetBet sportsNetbet sit at the top of the charts at the moment when it comes to growth in the sports betting industry.

They’ve snatched up lots of new clients due do their great website, good odds around the map and fair bonuses.

ComeOn £10 Free Bet

ComeOn sports and casinoComeOn! Almost oblige you to give their broker a try. They are also seen as the kings of free bets, with all their offers for new and old players alike revolving around the free bet concept.

This works better for some betting systems over others, but if you’re a fan of playing odds between 1,8 and 3, you might enjoy life with them quite a lot.

MobileBet £10 Free Bet

MobileBet sportsbook and online casinoMobilebet, as the name suggests, is a bookmaker focused on winning the smartphone-obsessed crowd.

Their mobile app is the best in the business, but their promotion scheme is not too shabby either. Several free bets await sportsbook fans, while casino fans are greeted with free spins and £25 welcome bonus.

Why sign-up at new betting sites?

First things first, we have to define what we mean by “new” bookmaker. It isn’t necessarily a question of age, but more of style. While most of the best betting websites we will consider fresh have less than 5-6 years of experience in the market, the fact that differentiates them from the wider bunch is the usage of their resources.

They tend to invest more in cutting edge technology, good bonus schemes and customer support and less in actual odds and selections – these are almost a no-brainer these days. While some traditional bookies have also tried this approach, in order to transition easier into the future, not a lot of them have enjoyed success – mainly because their clients are used to different things from them.

New bookmakers vs established ones: pros and cons.

At the end of the day, there are only a few good reasons why anyone would choose a new bookmaker over an old one:

Access to new technology. This automatically means better website layouts, faster execution times for online bets, more deposit options, better customer interaction, probably a great smartphone app, and other such gimmicks. More and more people consider all these things standard as opposed to luxury, especially the younger generation – millennials wouldn’t even touch a broker if it didn’t have a smartphone app.

New features and sports. It’s hard to think that a traditional broker has any interest in understanding and capturing the latest fad in sports, such as, for example, E-sports. Even if they do, just having the category listed and a few games copied from other websites won’t cut it. People expect good selections and good odds for new sports.

Bonuses and promotions. Usually, bonuses given to new customers far exceed the ones existing customers receive. It’s just the way the business works – a lot more on hunting and a lot less on keeping existing customers – especially since statistics show us that they will deplete their funds sooner rather than later. Opening an account with a new bookmaker entitle the client to sign-up bonuses and other special offers, which can really turn a moderate betting experience into a great one.

How to evaluate new bookmakers & pick the right one?

These are a few reasons why new bookmakers are quickly gaining ground in the UK betting scene. OF course, for any few that actually make it, there are a lot who get lost along the way, because they fail in one or more key places. There are a couple of things every bookmaker should be evaluated on. To make matters easier for you, we have done a list of the most important things you should look at when assessing a bookie:

1. Licensing. This really goes without saying – any bookmaker who is not authorized by the UK Gambling Committee to perform its activity in the country is a big, big no-go. While most of the brokers out there are licensed, be on the lookout for those few which are not. They will attempt to lure you to make an account with better odds and special bonuses, but you might find yourself falling victim to scams sooner rather than later.

2. Bonuses, free bets and special offers. Here is where the difference is made more often than not. There are bookmakers who consider a 5-pound freebet an adequate welcome offer, while others give you a 100% match of your initial deposit up to 50 pounds. Others might have tons of bonuses happening each week, compared to a few who organize something maybe on a monthly basis. Make sure your bookmaker has a good initial selection, and good betting offers for existing clients as well.

3. Betting markets and odds. There are lots of things which can be compared here. How many sports does the bookmaker cover? How many leagues / championships per sport? Is the game selection ok for these leagues? Are there enough football betting options for each game? Does the bookmaker take special requests and give out odds? Are the odds fairly matched with those from his direct competitors? Is live betting up and working adequately? Many questions, many answers.

4. Website quality and mobile app. You will be spending a lot of time on this website, no doubt about that. If you find it hard to navigate or very hard to look at, you might be better off somewhere else. The quality of the mobile app is also critical – a simple, website-like experience no longer cuts it. Users want to be able to access their betting accounts very easy and quickly and do almost everything they would do from the desktop app.

5. Customer support and payment methods. With more and more bookmakers fighting over the same clients, every extra bit counts. This is why good customer support is vital, to make sure that a client whom you’ve won actually stays and trusts you with his money. Usage of e-wallets or other payment methods is also widespread, and betting websites who accept payment in cryptocurrencies are also quickly gaining recognition.


To sum up, there are lots of potential stars among the new sites in the UK betting scene. We’ve selected a few which we think has the biggest potential to succeed and become a true top-tier institution. Holding several betting accounts is usually smart, since you are more able to take advantage of multiple offers which you might miss in other cases. However, carefully research before choosing to open a new account with a new bookmaker – this decision will undoubtedly influence your success in the betting industry more than you think.