Gambling Strategies – D’Alembert Betting System Explained

One of the simplest betting systems that can be used for many casino games including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and craps is D’Alembert betting system. It, in fact, has some similar characteristics to the popular Martingale betting system. The main common thing is that they are both based on negative progressions. What does that mean? It […]

2018 World Cup: 12+ Interesting Facts, Stats & Broken Records

A few interesting facts, records and statistics about World Cup 2018 you probably didn’t know. Find out the latest World Cup records and impressive facts right here. After we’ve passed the halfway mark towards the end of the World Cup, we believe it’s time to take a step back and look into how the 2018 […]

Tunisia v England Betting Prediction & Tips – World Cup 2018

Despite not having the best results in recent competitions, England is still a crowd favorite and always discussed when it comes to teams which can win the World Cup 2018. They haven’t managed to win the competition since 1966, but their notoriety is still there. Tunisia vs England Match Preview Even this year, they are […]

Five "Dark Horses" To Bet On At The World Cup 2018

Each World Cup edition has one or more “surprise” teams – the one no-one really backs to produce any fireworks or even exit the group, but they somehow manage to exceed expectations and make an incredible tournament. Some are fairly predictable – they have a great generation of players, have had good results going up […]

World Cup 2018: Betting On The Best Player And Top Goalscorer Of Each Group

Although football is a team game, most fans also get caught up cheering for individual players. Sure, Barcelona might win competitions and trophies all over the place, but Messi’s brilliance is the extra something that gets people buying tickets to see him live.There are some footballers which are not only players in a team, they […]

Five "Over 3.5 Goals" Matches to Bet on The World Cup 2018 Group Stage

Five interesting “Over 3,5 Goals” matches for World Cup 2018 Group Stage Betting. Read our preview on each game, learn the odds and get the latest betting offers from online bookmakers. Bet responsibly and good luck! When it comes to betting odds, one of the most widely-used bet is the “over” bet. There are a […]

World Cup 2018: Russia vs Saudi Arabia Betting Prediction & Tips – 14/06/2018

After four years of waiting, June 14th can’t really come any sooner – the debut date of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which takes place in Russia. The host nation will be, as tradition goes, opening the competition, with a game against Saudi Arabia – what better team to come up against during the first […]

How To Use Bookmakers Free Bets & Bonuses During World Cup 2018?

We have mentioned the usefulness of welcome bonuses from online bookmakers quite a lot in our recent articles, especially around the up and coming to World Cup 2018. These bonuses are such a good addition to the arsenal of any betting enthusiast, as they can greatly improve one’s budget and allow him to take bets […]