Darts Betting Sites: Top Darts Bookmakers In The UK

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Compare the best darts betting sites in the UK and their bonuses for punters in 2020. Our list of darts bookmakers and the guide to betting on darts, which includes most common types of bets and the biggest tournaments in the UK and Worldwide, will help you become more informed and skilled on darts betting.

UK punters are easily the most active and passionate ones in the entire world. After all, lots of sports originated in the UK some years ago, before they become global sensations: just think of football. Together with these sports, the betting industry also grew, and you’ll hardly see more bookmakers per square foot than in the United Kingdom.

But although more and more online bookmakers are coming towards the island with offers as varied as they can get, the Brits still have a couple of sports which they favour more than the rest. We know they love football, horse racing, greyhound racing, even tennis from time to time. But have we ever spoken enough about the world’s love for darts?

Best Bookmakers For Betting On Darts

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Since the sport has grown in popularity, betting companies have also taken up darts into their sportsbook offers. Timidly, at first, but nowadays it’s one of the more played sports, especially around the UK and Ireland. Every serious sportsbook has multiple darts competitions in its arsenal, although the coverage, quality of odds and selection sometimes differs.

The welcome bonuses, though, aren’t directly targeted towards darts customers – after all, darts is just another sport which an online betting site offers. But since some sportsbook don’t offer this option at all, we’d like to take the opportunity and run through a couple of our favourite sportsbooks who offer darts betting, and mention their welcome bonuses for new customers.

If these offers aren’t your cup of tea, the next best thing is to go towards the most reputable betting websites in the United Kingdom. These are bookies which we’ve reviewed time and time again and have great sign-up bonuses along with a very good reputation, for a number of consecutive years. You can’t really go wrong with choosing companies likes Mr Green (who offer £10 ACCA free bet for new customers, Redbet (welcome bonus of up to £100 at this time), Unibet (a £40 welcome bundle), Jetbull (who offer £75 matched bonus) or Novibet (£25 free bet).

In fact, we strongly recommend looking at our Bookmakers Review page and getting to know a little bit about more than one company we’ve looked into. You’ll surely find your best match on that page, and the next step you should do is just make sure that they offer darts betting. It isn’t common for a broker to overlook this sport from their offer, but you might run into surprises – so it’s best to check ahead.

How To Bet On Darts

darts betting

Darts betting does sound interesting, doesn’t it? If you’re unsure where to start or what to look for, we’re also here to help, to explain a bit about how the sport looks, what are its objectives and what are the things you can bet on.

Darts is game where people throw darts at a standard board, which has multiple numbers written on it. There are some areas above and below each number which double or triple the points given by that number, and the bullseye (the center of the dart board, which is worth 50 points). The highest number on the rest of the board is 20.

Each player takes turns to throw darts at the board, and has 3 darts per turn. The objective of the game is to reach 0, counting downwards from 501. After each turn, the player subtracts the number of points he made from 501, trying to get to 0. The game can only end with a double. So, for example, if a player is sitting at 45 and has 3 darts to throw to win the game, he must hit a single 5 and a double 20 to reach exactly 0.

The highest possible combination from 3 throws is 180 – three treble 20s. Darts matches are organized in a “best of” manner when it comes to legs.– best out of 5, 7, 11, or other formats. If tournaments are played in a sets format, however, a set is made out of five legs, and then the game goes on for however many sets are required by the rules.

Sounds like a lot of math? It is, but it’s all been figured out. For example, 170 is the highest number on the checkout table (meaning the highest score from which you can win from 3 darts). In that case, in means hitting 2 treble 20s and one bullseye. All the way to 40, all the combinations has been calculated, and some numbers have more than one. But there are a few numbers called “ bogey”, which prevent the player from winning from 3 darts: 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162 & 159. The entire table is easy to find online.

Darts Betting Markets

Different tournaments have different formats, but if you understand the rules above and watch a few games, you’ll quickly get a hang of the game. It’s really not complicated and quite entertaining to watch, since there are a few achievements which are quite rare. Not only are these rare achievements a joy to see live, but betting that they’ll appear makes the game even more fun. Here is a list of the most common bets which you can place on darts:

Outright Bets

• Nothing fancy here. Darts games are played between two people, and you simply select the one which you think will win, like you’d do with any other sport. Most darts games do not have a draw option, but if you want to bet on the Darts Premier League, remember that a draw option is available (at 6 legs a piece).

Handicap Betting

• Handicap betting is also available in darts, and should be used when you believe a player is much better than his opponent. Handicap bets work just the same as with any other sports, so we won’t elaborate a lot here – just remember that a single miss can easily erase a handicap, making it a very volatile bet.

Most 180s

• Here is where things get exciting. At the beginning of each leg, players want to drop their score as fast as possible, and will be aiming for that big 3 x 20 area more often than not. Hitting it with all three darts consecutively is not easy, so betting websites transformed this into a separate bet – which player do you think will score the most 180s over the course of a game?

Highest Checkout

• Will we see a perfect checkout from a 170 in the game? These are extremely rare, not because hitting a double 20 and a bullseye is hard – but because hitting 170 perfectly is hard. Since they’re very rare, bookmakers usually give very good odds for these kinds of bets.

9 Dart Finish

• There are many paths coming down from 501 in nine darts, which we can all easily calculate. Despite this, nine dart finishes are quite rare, and you can bet how many of them you’ll see in a game, or which player will have the most 9 dart finishes.

Game/Set Bets

• These are simply bets which revolve around the winner/loser of the entire set or match, or the score after a given number of legs.

In-Play Betting

A great addition to darts betting is also live betting. Since it’s a very attractive and spectacular sport, live betting works very well – especially since players take turns, so there is a dead period of a few seconds between throws. Most serious bookmakers offer live betting capabilities for darts games, and we recommend having some fun with it and trying it out. Moreover, some even offer live streaming of darts matches, which can be tough to see in other ways – especially if you aren’t following one of the larger competitions.

How Darts Became A Popular Event For Bettors

If this choice of sport surprises you, you should know that the times when darts was just a pub sport or an after-work fun activity are long gone. Serious people have joined up, created leagues and organisations, and it’s now a full-fledged sport that moves around a couple of million pounds every year.

People are attracted to the simplicity of the sport, it’s overall excitement (matches tend to not last long and are extremely fun to watch), and the fact that they can relate to the participants, because, let’s face it – it’s one of the few sports in which you can. We surely don’t look like Messi, Ronaldo, Federer or Nadal, but the darts world champion has a beer belly. It’s surely one of the attractions of the sport.

Biggest Organisations Worldwide

British Darts Organisation

Darts became a serious sport in the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays, there are two large organizations representing the sport: the BDO (British Darts Organisation), which was founded in 1973, is the older of the two, and a member of the World Darts Federation. They organise various tournaments around Britain, as well as the BDO World Championship, broadcasted by the BBC.

Professional Darts Corporation

In 1992, the second organisation was formed – the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation), who runs their own tournaments, including a World Championship. Both World Championships take place during December of each year, making it difficult for players to attend both. Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell or Eric Bristow are some of the more recognizable names in the BDO, while Phil Taylor is easily the most famous PDC darts player.

Biggest Competitions and Tournaments

Speaking of competitions, there are a few which you should know and start you betting career with. Both the PDC and the BDO have their own World Darts Championship. These tournaments usually take place between Christmas and New Year’s, every year, and are the top darts competitions in the world, bringing in the most players as well as the most bettors.

Michael van Gerwen is the current champion of the PDC event, and he’s at his 3rd title – a bit away from the 14 titles that Phil Taylor has in the PDC rankings. The BDO’s tournament decreased in popularity as well as prize offerings, only giving its current champion (Glen Durrant) £300,000 for winning the World Title. In contrast, PDC’s prize for the winner is £2,500,000.

Unibet Premier League Darts

unibet premier league darts

The other competition which you should look out for is the Darts Premier League, currently sponsored by Unibet. It’s played in a league system where everyone plays everyone. The 2019 edition will start in February and end in May, and will take place in Rotterdam. Apart from these competitions, there are a number of smaller ones as well, and even some put together by other organizations and independent tournament organizers. And we mean serious, professional competitions – not your average pub darts game.

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All in all, we hope to have sparked your interest in betting on this awesome sport. It’s spectacular, quick, and although games do tend to look alike, this makes rare occurrences that more interesting. If you’re serious about betting, darts can be a great way to increase your winnings – it’s fairly predictable and has a good few mathematical systems which work wonders. We recommend combining fun with profits as much as possible, though.