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neteller betting sites

As with any other domain, not all companies who joined the e-wallet bandwagon were overnight hits. Lots of them have disappeared very quickly after they were founded, and most for the same few reasons.

They simply could not compete with the industry giants for the same clients, since they couldn’t possibly offer the same low fees, ease of access, uptime, and great customer support.

Thus, even though lots of new players came to the e-wallet table, just a few select companies represent more than 90% of the market. In the UK, we can safely say that there are three main players on this market: Paypal and Skrill (which we already discussed) and last, but not least, Neteller.

Online Betting Sites That Accept Neteller

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Neteller is not a new company by any means. They have over 15 years of experience in the e-payment business and have a huge reputation around the world. Just like Skrill, they also offer a Mastercard so you can use the e-wallet as a regular bank account for everyday purchases, making them a convenient all-around solution for people working in certain industries.

One of the industries which work especially well with Neteller, as with all other e-wallets, is the gambling industry. Just picture this: you just won a good amount of money on a football game, and you can quickly withdraw the money to your Neteller account and use it via the attached Mastercard in a shop near you – all within 5 minutes.

Of course, Neteller isn’t the only e-wallet which offers this kind of advantages. Betting enthusiasts have started migrating towards e-wallets and away from classic bank transfers or prepaid cards in the last few years, and the reasons can be boiled down to a few key ones:


Not sharing bank details with third parties is an excellent idea in nowadays. With all these cyber attacks going back and forth, the fewer people know your name, other personal information and bank details, the better. An e-wallet adds another layer of security between your hard-earned money and the places you want to use it.

Ease of access

Being able to work with your money from any device or platform with a few clicks is something we can’t play down in any way. Especially when we know that bank transfers can sometime take a few days.


In the gambling world, as well as in sports betting, anonymity is very important. Some banks actually view gambling with bad eyes and could affect your credit score if they knew the sums of money which you play though via sports betting – an e-wallet is the quick and easy solution to this problem.

Neteller offers all the above advantages compared to a classic deposit and withdraws method, no doubt about that. The question which bogs our minds and the minds of our readers is the following: is Neteller the best e-wallet solution for betting enthusiasts worldwide?

Signing Up At Neteller

To answer this question, we must look into 3 different things: how easy it is to create and fund a Neteller account, what fees does Neteller usually have and how many betting sites accept this e-wallet as a valid money management solution?

First things first, getting an account with Neteller is easy. All you need is an e-mail address. After you setup the account, you can fund it using a wide variety of tools, from credit and debit cards to prepaid cards and cheques.

The possibilities are truly endless and are executed very fast. Realistically, you can expect to have money in your Neteller account in 10 minutes from the first time you enter their website. No hard-coded verification is necessary.


Looking into the fees that Neteller charges their clients, we have seen that they are more expensive than some of their counterparts. All credit and debit card deposits into your Neteller account are charged a 1.9 – 4.95% fee, but some local deposit methods are free. International bank transfers and bank deposits  are free, meanwhile some other deposit methods include fees from 1 – 8%, in most cases 2.5 – 5%.

Withdrawals from your Neteller account (to bank) can be processed via a Neteller debit card or cheque for 7.50 EUR per transaction. This makes them a little over Skrill in terms of charges, but this only matter if you plan to make lots of gambling transactions. Thankfully, their area of usage is also quite large. Most betting sites accept Neteller as a method of payment and even qualify them for bonuses.


To sum up, Neteller is certainly near the top of the e-wallet solutions which can be used to fund a betting account. Their fees put them somewhere between Paypal and Skrill, but at the end of the day, a user wouldn’t be wrong choosing any one of the three solutions as their main e-wallet for betting. These solutions bring us closer to the future, where anonymous, quick and easy to execute transactions will be an industry standard – not a luxury.