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Skrill betting sites – Which UK bookmakers accept Skrill for online betting and what are the advantages compared to credit/debit cards? This short but quite informative article provides useful information on Skrill(former Moneybookers) payment method for sports bettors. Find out more about its security, account funding ways and benefits here.

The e-wallet business has certainly grown over the last couple of years and has established a few world leaders in doing so. It’s relatively easy to spot them in the market – the company which offers the best support, most payment solutions, steers clear of scandal and is accepted as a payment method by most online retailers.

There aren’t lots of world-renown companies which fit the above description, which makes it easier for betting enthusiasts. They just have to choose one of the few excellent companies. Among Paypal and Neteller, there is one more giant which absolutely cannot go unnoticed: Skrill.

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Betting Sites That Accept Skrill / Moneybookers

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Simply but, e-wallet solutions have a good number of advantages over other types of money handling solutions, such as debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, money transfers or walk-in betting shops.

Although e-wallets were only considered a fringe solution till not long ago, they have grown steadily in popularity in the last few years to become the preferred deposit and withdraw method in the UK betting scene. Multiple surveys were conducted as to why people switched from classic approach to e-wallets, and the answers were mostly around the following points:


Even in the sporadic case that e-wallet accounts are compromised, a client only loses the money they had in the said account – protecting their bank accounts are other assets. Keeping all the eggs in the same basket is never a good idea. Skrill is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority and account holders have an option to protect their e-wallets by Two Factor Authentication.

Ease of access

An account with Skrill can be accessed from a multitude of platforms and devices, making a transaction straightforward to make.


Not everyone wants to share bank info with their bookmaker, or their betting affairs with their bank or family. An e-wallet account solves all those problems, making betting transactions quick and anonymous.


Bank transfers or other deposit or withdraw measures can sometimes take a few days, and can even fail, without any proper explanation. All these issues are simply deleted when it comes to an e-wallet.

The fact that an e-wallet account is great for handling betting affairs is now clear. The biggest question which we have to answer is the following: is a Skrill account a good investment for a betting enthusiast? And if that’s the case, is it better than other e-payment methods?

Creating An Account At Skrill

Well, the first part of the question is rather straightforward. All you need to create a Skrill account is a valid e-mail and a credit and debit card to link with it. Skrill accepts a multitude of credit and debit cards and the entire registration and deposit process can be done in a few minutes, especially if you are a UK resident. Unlike Paypal, Skrill doesn’t require a step-by-step verification process and is done much quicker.

Skrill Fees

After you have funds in your Skrill account, you will want to know everything about the fees that the company works with. These are all extremely transparent and easy to calculate: Skrill charges 1,90 – 2.50% for each deposit from a credit or debit card. Additionally, they charge a flat fee of GBP 4.76  for a withdraw from the Skrill account into your bank account, or 7.50% for a credit card.

Transferring money between Skrill accounts costs the sender 1.90% max GBP 17.32, while the recipient has no charge. Some betting sites do have fees for Skrill-based deposits, although most have waived these fees for quite some time now.

Overall, Skrill is a much cheaper alternative than Paypal, and the setup of the account is also much easier. Another big plus the company has over its main competitors is the customer relations area – while Skrill is extremely transparent and polite, Paypal customer support can be frustrating at times, especially when discussing possible claims and litigations.

About Skrill

The name “Skrill” might not sound famous for lots of people, but “Moneybookers” is surely more well-known, at least at the moment. Although the rebranding of Moneybookers into Skrill took place in September 2011, not a lot of people have become accustomed to the new name.

Nevertheless, the company still has over 700 employees across their offices in the UK, has grown year after year both regarding turnover and number of performed transactions, and is easily one of the go-to online payment methods at current time.

Of course, these are all facts which are easily found online. We wanted to know why they become such an industry sensation, and how this success can be translated into the betting industry.


Strictly from its usage for a betting enthusiast, we have to conclude that Skrill is an excellent payment solution, even close to ideal. Secure, quick, easy to setup and easy to use, the e-wallet is accepted by most gambling operators in the UK, making it a trustworthy alternative to classic bank transfer deposits. It’s a great tool in the arsenal of every betting enthusiast and represents a glimpse into a future where moving money around is easier.