Both Teams To Score And Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

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In the world of football betting, anyone can go for as simple or complicated as they want. From natural, down-to-earth bets like the favourite or home team to win to complicated, multi-way scenarios like over 4,5 goals scored + both teams to score + 2 goals in the first half.

Of course, the more complicated a situation gets, the better the odds – which again splits the world into distinct categories: those who prefer lower odds but more frequent wins, and those who are always looking for a significant breakthrough.

Regardless, the main idea remains the same: everyone wants to use a betting strategy that wins them more money than it loses, is easy to play and can be done from anywhere, using the simplest devices. We’ve examined quite a few in the past, and are looking at another one today: both teams to score and over 2,5 goals.

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What does BTTS and Over 2.5 Golas mean?

The key to this strategy is the “and” between “both teams to score” and “over 2,5 goals”. At first glance, it does seem useless, doesn’t it? A lot of times, a game that has at least 3 goals scored in it (a classic “over” game) sees goals from both teams. Practically, this bet looks for high scoring games which aren’t complete stomps, with both teams putting up a good fight.

You can also win in case of a stomp, but you’d need a 6-1 over a 4-0. It certainly has its drawbacks as well as its advantages but is an excellent weapon to have in a diverse betting arsenal. The key to understanding and using this strategy well is to know when to use it, and equally important, when to ignore it and go for something else.

First off, we’d like to present the pros and cons of the strategy, before we go into specific tips on how to select the best games for it. The advantages:

High odds relative to other options

Going “over 2,5 goals” for a game already brings good odds and adding a “both teams to score” to it will only improve these odds.

Fairly natural progression

If you have good experience in picking “over” games, you should have no problem adapting to this kind of strategy. It features a natural progress and doesn’t require much more than a standard over bet – just goals from both teams.

Easy to play using big teams

Classic “over” bets can sometimes be unattractive for big teams. Let’s face it – online bookmakers don’t give great “over” odds for Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Combining the classic over bet with a both teams to score is a great idea, which comes with added odds.

Of course, the strategy does have its downsides:

It requires two conditions to be true

Ideally, we want our bet to a winner in a wide variety of cases. This one is quite the opposite – it needs a particular set of things to happen.

Both its components can be slightly tricky

Finding a good “over 2,5 goals bet” isn’t very easy, neither is one for “both teams to score.” The combination isn’t a lot harder but is more difficult nevertheless.

It gets shut down rather easy by red cards or bad sequences of events

If a certain team gets a red card very early, the game suddenly becomes very hard, both in terms of the “over” bet and the “both teams to score bet.” Knowing these pros and cons is the first step in understanding the strategy, as well as when to use it.

It’s not recommended to be played very often, but can be a very good weapon for certain games. In the next part of the article, we will highlight a couple of things you can look after when picking matches:

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How to analyse and pick matches for “BTTS and Over 2.5 Goals” betting?

Look at other odds

First and foremost, conclude that betting “over 2,5 goals and both teams to score” is the correct idea. Compare the odds of the combination with those of each of its composing elements, as well as the odds for “over 3,5” goals. If you’re sure a game is either very spectacular or completely one-sided, you might be better off going with the over 3,5 goal bet.

Additionally, if the odds aren’t worthwhile, go for a simple “both teams to score bet”. This strategy is all about balancing risk and reward – the last thing you want is to use it in game which ends 5-0 for one of the teams.

Check statistics

As with all goal-related strategies, statistics is your best friend. You might not find the ones you need right away, but combining stats from two different tables can be fairly easy. Remember the bottom line when consulting statistics: if you managed to get a hold of those numbers, be sure your broker did too – and they already took their conclusion into consideration when presenting you with odds.

Play good leagues and good teams

Some leagues do naturally better at this strategy due to their footballing culture. The Bundesliga and La Liga are prime examples, because they both teach offensive, direct football, and nearly all teams have one or two players which can produce goals out of thin air.

The Serie A can be seen at the opposite side of the spectrum – and Juventus is probably the worst team you could use for this strategy. Usually, the best teams for this strategy are the top half of the table, which have the quality of scoring against almost everyone at least once, but also have the habit of conceding nearly every game.

Pick good games of the previous teams

Knowing the teams is one thing – but knowing when to use the strategy around them is different. For example, you might have great results for a mid-table team when playing at home against a big team from the league.

To give you some examples from this season, think about Hannover – Dortmund, Sociedad – Barcelona or Sevilla – Real Madrid. These are all clashes which can produce goals, and although one team is considered heavy favorites, they are still likely to concede playing away from home. Each of those games could easily finish 2-2, 1-3 or 2-4.


That being said, we hope you enjoyed the article and learned how to use “both teams to score and over 2,5 goals” as a betting strategy. It’s definitely not suited for beginners and doesn’t work each and every weekend, but can be a good asset in anyone’s inventory.

We recommended “paper betting” at first in order to gain comfort and understand which games are the best for the method, and then slowly progressing to real money once a good track record is maintained.