2018 World Cup: 12+ Interesting Facts, Stats & Broken Records

A few interesting facts, records and statistics about World Cup 2018 you probably didn’t know. Find out the latest World Cup records and impressive facts right here.

After we’ve passed the halfway mark towards the end of the World Cup, we believe it’s time to take a step back and look into how the 2018 edition of this great footballing tournament has shaped out. Today, we don’t want to go into team details, betting ideas or other classic things. Instead, we’d like to look into unique stats and records, which might give you some ideas which you can even take towards your new bookmaker. Sounds interesting? Let’s explore together!

A Short Historical Trip…

Just Fontaine 1958
Just Fontaine, World Cup 1958

First off, remember how each World Cup tournament is unique and extremely important. Tiki-taka was born with Spain’s dominance and will probably die with their early exit this tournament. Italy’s 2006 win came during a period where defensive football was at its finest.

We all remember World Cup superlatives: Just Fontaine’s 13 goals in the 1958 edition, Brazil’s back-to-back wins in the same period, or the recent tradition that the defending champion exist the competition during the Group Stage.
The World Cup is filled with exciting stories of all kinds, which we want to explore today. Namely, we’ve made a list of records which were already broken at this year’s World Cup.

Broken Records & Interesting Stats

  • 9 own goals were already scored, beating the previous record (6, France 1998) by quite a margin. Given this trend, you could naturally expect at least another own goal to be scored until the end of the tournament.
  • Brazil have become the team with the most goals scored in the knockout stages of the World Cup. Before the competition started, they were tied with Germany (226), but given the German’s early exit, Brazil is the leader in this domain once again.
  • The 2,500th goal in World Cup history was scored in this edition, by Ben Youssef of Tunisia against Panama.
  • After their victory against Belgium, Brazil have scored yet another top-eight finish, just like they do at almost every World Cup. The only exceptions are 1934, 1966 and 1990. They also hold the record of most World Cup appearances, 21.
  • Mexico’s exit during the first knockout round adds to their fairly unwanted record: it’s their 15th exit at this stage of the competition.
  • UEFA is on a run of World Cup wins, starting from 2006 and going all the way to 2014. If a European team wins this year as well, it would prolong the record.
  • If England win the competition, they will replace Italy’s record of longest gap between two wins (52 years versus Italy’s 44).
  • Egypt has another unwanted record: most World Cup appearances without winning a single match (3)
  • If they get eliminated by a penalty shootout, England will be the unluckiest team in World Cup history with 4 such achievements. They are currently tied with Italy at 3.

Players Stats & Records

When it comes to players, this edition has seen some very impressive records as well:

  • Rafael Marquez (Mexico) joins a unique list of players who appeared at 5 World Cups – Carbajal and Matthaus are the only other two.
  • Egypt’s El Haddary has become the oldest player to ever appear at the World Cup, at 45 years and 116 days – also the oldest captain, but not the oldest player including the qualifiers. He missed that record by about a year.
  • Interestingly, the average age of the players at this World Cup is the largest in history – almost 28 years old.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the 4th player to score at at least 4 World Cups. He is also the only player to have scored a hat-trick so far at this World Cup.

Some Betting Ideas For Future Surprises Or Records

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These are only a few of the more interesting stats we’ve found regarding this edition of the World Cup. If you still have free bets available, these records can bring some good betting ideas as well. For example, we do believe another own goal will be scored until the end of the tournament. We also expect England to lose if they ever get to a penalty shootout, since tradition will probably not be on their side.

There are lots of teams who also have the possibility of winning their first World Cup: Belgium and Croatia have the biggest chances. Kane can also be the biggest goal scorer for quite some time: since Ronaldo’s 8 goals in 2002, top scorers haven’t score more than 5-6 times. Kane can easily surpass that number. At the end of the day, these records give the entire tournament some very needed salt and pepper – and make watching it a lot more enjoyable.


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