Betting On World Cup 2018 Matches: Group Favourites & Their Odds To Win

World Cup 2018 Group favourites

In preparation for the biggest footballing event of the year, the FIFA World Cup 2018, football betting sites have prepared all kinds of offers. Regardless if you’re a serious bettor with years of experience and tried-and-true systems, or a fan which just wants to put some money on his favourite team, these online bookmakers have something installed for you.

The only downside is the fact that some of these offers have little to no touch with reality – how can one expect to actually win money betting on the number of fans who enter the stadium, or how many red cards will a certain group have? At the other end of the spectrum, we do have our classic, “safe” choices, but these aren’t very attractive either. Bets can be made on teams like Germany, France or Brazil win most of their group games, but the reward won’t be very good.

Especially for cases like these, we want to write a series of articles on World Cup betting ideas. Make sure to also take advantage of the betting offers most bookmakers have for the World Cup 2018, and any other promotions which are active – it’s free* money, after all. Today, we want to study bets revolving which teams will exit each group. Most groups have one clear favourite, but second place is usually up for grabs between at least two teams.

Here are our ideas:

World Cup 2018 Groups

Group A

Group A Betting Preview & Tips
The most controversial idea (but with a good reward) we have here is betting that Russia will finish second. We expect Uruguay to win the group, but Russia to triumph over a Salah-less Egyptian team. Odds around 2,50 for this particular selection – Russia to progress from the group is the alternative.

Group B

Group B Betting Preview & Tips
Spain and Portugal are 100% the picks here. This doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, but the odds aren’t that great either. The only idea worth pursuing is predicting the first two positions – Spain 1st and Portugal 2nd is a selection with odds of 2,15.

Group C

Group C Betting Preview & Tips
Ignore France completely, and focus on the second place team. Peru to qualify is a good idea, with decent odds running at 2.75. Additionally, you could bet that Australia will finish last in the group, being outclassed by everyone including Peru – at odds of 1,80.

Group D

Group D Betting Preview & Tips
Again, a group with two clear favorites, Argentina and Croatia. Predicting that they’ll finish the group in exactly this order comes with odds of 2,75, while betting that Messi will be the group top goalscorer also has decent odds: 2,25.

Group E

Group E Betting Preview & Tips
Finally, a group with balance when it comes to second-placed teams! Switzerland and Serbia have the same odds, 2,05, but we strongly favor the Swiss, after seeing their games during qualifiers, including a very impressive win over Portugal. Costa Rica to finish last also comes with some good odds, but some of us still remember their great run in the last edition of the World Cup.

Group F

Group F Betting Preview & Tips
Mexico and Sweden are in direct competition for second place, with most bookmakers giving Mexico a slight lead – just like we do. We believe that the quality and experience in the Mexican side will be enough to push them out of a group where we expect South Korea to win no points. They have odds around 1,80 to finish last – quite good, given the lack of quality in their squad.

Group G

Group G Betting Preview & Tips
A very, very clear group – Belgium and England to progress, Panama to finish last. The only question is : who will win the group? Belgium are the favorites in most cases, 1,75 vs 2,25 for England. We believe you should combine this bet with a 1-2 finish one, because it’s hard to believe that one of the teams don’t qualify. So if you believe Belgium will win, go ahead and bet that the final standings of the group will be 1. Belgium and 2. England – for better odds.

Group H

Group H Betting Preview & Tips
Last but not least, Group H, where Columbia and Poland are almost sure-fire favorites for the first two places. We’re a bit on the fence when it comes to predicting a winner for the group – Columbia looks better on paper, but Poland has a very incisive squad this World Cup. Whoever your pick is, proceed like in Group G – predict the top 2 teams for better odds.


These are a couple of our ideas when it comes to Group progressions in the World Cup 2018 betting. We fancy these kind of bets because they have more than one condition to be won – because at the end of the day, we don’t care if the second placed team has 4 points, 5 points or 7 points, nor do we care if the difference between first and second place is 5 points wide or has to be settled via goal difference. There are so many things which can happen to make sure our bet is a winner. Good luck with your predictions, too!


Betting odds are presented at the time of writing. Please check them with the respective betting site. *T&Cs apply to all betting offers and sign-up bonuses. 18+, please gamble responsibly.

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