Casino And Poker Craze in Brazil

Brazil is one of the biggest country in the world, which has a great significance for the whole South America and Latin America regions. It is the largest economy in the area, but overall you cannot say that the people there are generally wealthy.

What you can without a doubt actually say, and perhaps that is regardless of any economic or social perturbations, is that they truly love football. This relationship has proven to be solid throughout the years, and resulted in many international successes. Some of the experts are inclined to think the next big thing for Brazilian people will be, or has already become, sports betting and casino games.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is no shortage of talented football players in the country which is absolutely crazy about this sport. Nowadays, Neymar Jr is the one everybody’s eyes are turned at, but there will always be a huge sentiment about the famous Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. Legendary striker still has a resonating voice ready to be heard in his fatherland.

There is no wonder then, that when he decided to shift his interests towards poker, he was instantly considered a worthy subject of media attention. Various trade websites, including the popular portal, were happy to pick his mind about his new hobby.

In his interviews, he would connect the two disciplines close to his heart, and focus on the similarities. In fact, he emphasized the importance of dedication and the amount of hard work put into getting the necessary experience that is needed to achieve some results in both.

The iconic footballer makes further assumptions. He believes poker has a real potential to become something as big as football. Significant growth in poker’s popularity in Brazil over recent years helps to support that statement, at least to some extent. The most prestigious live events in poker world happen in various places around the globe, with fair share of those making their way to Brazil and other Latin countries.

The development of singular tournaments and regular series like Latin American Poker Tour, Brazilian Series of Poker or PokerStars Caribbean Adventure are the living proof of increased demand, making a compelling argument that the so called Brazilian poker boom is a real deal. Exotic locations, in which the games usually take place, often attracts professional players and tourists, contributing to national economy.

For the country in recession, annually incomes from the tourism sector has always been a vital part of the budget. Statistics show that Brazil is not as attractive travel destination as it used to be. The approximate 6.5 million tourists in 2017 is not even half the amount little Singapore achieved in the same time. The implications of the whole situation, alongside with casino games growth in popularity, is not lost on the authorities.

Among the plans to boost Brazil’s tourism, there are propositions of building fancy casino establishments, f.e. 8 billion luxury resort in Rio de Janeiro. On top of that, some lawmakers are thinking about the reforms and regulation that would significantly expand legality of real money wagering activities in the country and registered operators.

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