How To Use Bookmakers Free Bets & Bonuses During World Cup 2018?

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We have mentioned the usefulness of welcome bonuses from online bookmakers quite a lot in our recent articles, especially around the up and coming to World Cup 2018. These bonuses are such a good addition to the arsenal of any betting enthusiast, as they can greatly improve one’s budget and allow him to take bets he wouldn’t normally want. Today, we’d like to steer a bit clear of analyzing World Cup betting offers, and instead, give you a few ideas what you can do with these welcome bonuses.

Free bets and sign-up bonuses: “Risk vs Benefit”

Mostly, we’ll be focusing on free bets. If the bookmaker you opt for offers a matching deposit welcome bonus, that can also work – just place the same amount of money you’d have in the form of a free bet at a new betting site on the selection we’ll recommend.

Essentially, we want to do this because free bets give you the opportunity to go for more riskier selections when it comes to margins or games. In practice, you can use these in games you’d normally avoid: Belgium – England or Mexico – Sweden, because these games are usually packed with pressure and responsibility, and involve very evenly-matched teams.

Some interesting betting ideas to take into account

There are some betting ideas, however, which you could tackle using a free bet. Here are our more interesting ones:

Russia v Saudi Arabia

For opening day, an under 2,5 goal bet on Russia – Saudi Arabia is a very easy option. The odds are not the greatest, and we do recommend steering clear of the opening game. In case you cannot wait and want to get your betting journey started as soon as possible, go for the “under” bet.

Portugal v Spain

Portugal – Spain is the first true derby of the World Cup, on the 15th of June. Both teams are fairly certain they’ll defeat the other two ones in the group, so they won’t risk as much on the attacking card. A draw is in the cards, and at odds of 47/20(3.35), is a great idea on how to use a free bet.

France v Australia

If handicap betting is something you fancy, France – Australia can provide a decent option: France -2. We believe they have what it takes to put three or four goals past the Australians, who most probably won’t be able to score against such a good team. Odds nearly 37/20(2.85).

Peru v Denmark

Peru – Denmark is another game which takes place on the same day, and we expect the Danes to be just a bit better than their South-American opponents. 29/20(2,45) are the current odds for the Danes to win, making it perfect in terms of risk-reward. After all, we do believe they’re the better team from that specific encounter.

Croatia v Nigeria

We’re a bit surprised of how low bookmakers value Croatia – their outright victory odds against Nigeria are 1,63. We’d even go so far as to go Croatia -1 here, at odds around 5/4(2,25). Better yet, if you’re using free bet money, go Croatia -1,5. The difference between that and Croatia -1 is none when it comes to a free bet, because you’ll get your money back regardless.

Brazil v Switzerland

Brazil – Switzerland should be a no-go when it comes to outright bets, but there is another great idea looming around : both teams to score, odds over 6/5(2,23).

Belgium v Panama

Belgium – Panama has the opportunity to be another stomp. We’d go for an over 3,5 goal bet here, because we expect the Belgians to cruise through the game quite easily. We fancy this bet a bit more over the handicap one because an early goal from Panama can really change the game.

Poland v Senegal

Poland – Senegal is another weird game in terms of odds, with Poland’s outright odds being 27/20(2,35). We believe this is a very good selection in terms of risk-reward and should be taken immediately before bookmakers get the chance to realize their mistake.

South Korea v Mexico

Going further down the line, there is another game which caught our attention: South Korea – Mexico. We favor the Mexicans heavily in this encounter, and even recommend a handicap bet on Mexico (-1 at least) at 2,54 if you still have free bets / bonus money available. If not, a simple Mexico victory should suffice, at odds around 1,85.


These are just some of our ideas for how you can use bookmaker welcome bonuses on World Cup games. Most of these games take place in the first days of the World Cup, giving us more than enough room to further analyze the competition and come up with other, even more exciting, ideas. The Group stage will certainly provide a fair number of surprises, and we’ll try to keep an eye out for them too. Thankfully, when you use bonus money, these surprises don’t hit as hard.


Betting odds are presented at the time of writing. Please check them with the respective betting site. *T&Cs apply to all betting offers and sign-up bonuses. 18+, please gamble responsibly.

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