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BetNow Online Sportsbook & Casino Review

The fact that the betting industry moves at an extremely quick pace is not a surprise to anyone. Even sportsbooks with tens of years of experience have either disappeared or drastically reduced their customer count just because they couldn’t adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. This is true for lots of domains, but we have to say that very few have actually been touched by legal, technological and social changes as much as the gambling industry. If 20 or 30 years ago you would have told us than you average American punter can choose between hundreds of different betting brokers, we would certainly not have believed you. Today, we’re seeing exactly that.

BetNow sportsbook is one of these sportsbooks, and is one of the clearest examples of how new companies choose to enter the gambling market in our day and time. We have chosen to review them by popular demand, as well as due to the fact that we believe that they represent a particular group of bookies very well: the group that formed a couple of years ago, has known some good times, and are now on the radar of most American punters. They’re not yet at the top of the chain. They’re not yet world-class, known everywhere, and spinning millions every single day. But they’re a part of a group which, with a little good fortune and good management, can get there over the next 5 years.

BetNow has been founded in 2015, so they’re hardly old on the sports betting industry. Although, we have to say, 4 years in the business doesn’t make you a junior anymore, especially since they haven’t only survived – they’ve progressed as well. Just like many other betting operators which cater to the crowd in the United States, they are licensed in Curacao, where they are also headquartered (legally). They’ve managed to attract a certain niche of customers from the US market in the years in which they’ve been active so far. And just to clarify: when we say US market, we specifically mean the states in which online betting is legal and may work with certain brokers. This is not the case in all states.

At first glance, seems your typical, reliable betting site. We had a hard time finding many unsolved complaints, haven’t seen much info except the ordinary, and the overall feedback on most betting-related sites has been positive. Of course, our job is a lot deeper than that, and we’ll jump right into it. We researched all there is to research about BetNow: their bonus scheme, how they treat their customers, their deposits and withdraws, their sports offers, the casino, you name it! We’ve done all this so you don’t have to, and at the end of the article, we’ll even give an answer to the question which is surely bogging everyone’s minds: is a good choice to open a betting account with? We’d love to spoil the answer, but we’ll invite you to read further and convince yourself.

BetNow Sportsbook New Customer Welcome Bonuses

First things first, we’ll take a look into what kind of bonuses offers their new and existing customers alike. We usually begin with this section because experience has shown us that for most people, the quality of the bonus scheme is the main factor by which they judge a broker – and honestly, why wouldn’t they? No matter how good or bad of a punter you are, some free money is bound to increase your profit margin and make you a happier player at the end of the day. BetNow has a variety of bonuses for their customers, but we won’t go into all of them. But the ones which we consider most important are the following:

A 50% Welcome Bonus For New Sportsbook Customers*

betnow sports bonus

This is an industry classic in the US gambling area, and works quite simple. For any person creating a new account, you can introduce the code “BN50” in the “bonus code” section for your first deposit and receive 50% of the said deposit in the form of bonus money. The deposit must have a minimum value of $50 to qualify, and the maxim bonus which you can receive is $1,000. That being said, the optimum first deposit is $2,000, but not a lot of people will afford that kind of a direct investment. The rollover conditions are a bit better than the industry standard, meaning that they’re not as hard. You have to play through the money 8 times in the sportsbook, and 30 times in the casino. Let’s look at an example:

Deposit $100 and receive $50 cash bonus, total balance $150.

Rollover if sportsbook: $150 X 8 = Total rollover $1200.

Rollover if casino: $150 X 30 = Total rollover $4500.

The same 50% welcome bonus applies to casino players as well, although it has a twist – it doesn’t only work for the first deposit. It works for the first three deposits a new customer makes, making it that much more attractive. The rollover conditions are the same as those specified above: any bonus money must be played through 30 times in order for it to be transformed into real money. also offers rebates for casino games and horse racing. Although this isn’t technically a bonus, we still feel that we need to mention it. A rebate is an amount paid by the broker to compensate the net loss of an account over a certain period of time. At BetNow, this time is a week, which is defined by the interval between Monday and Sunday. For any casino-related losses, the rebate amount is 10%, and for horse racing losses, the amount drops to 8%. Although this doesn’t seem like a lot at this time, it greatly impacts overall profits over a longer period of time.

Like any respectable US online sportsbook, has a lifetime VIP program, which entitles members (among other things) to a 15% bonus on any deposit over the course of their playing career with This VIP status is given in two steps: after a $500 deposit, step 1 is complete, unlocking a 10% VIP status. After reaching $2000 in deposit, step 2 is complete, unlocking the 15% VIP status. All VIP bonuses have a 3x rollover condition. An example below:

If 15% VIP deposit $100 and receive $15 cash bonus, total balance $115.

Rollover (15% VIP) if sportsbook or casino: $115 X 3 = Total rollover $345.

If 10% VIP deposit $100 and receive $10 cash bonus, total balance $110.

Rollover (10% VIP) if sportsbook or casino: $110 X 3 = Total rollover $330.

The sportsbook also offers a variety of other bonuses and schemes. For example, they have a weekly NBA contest which gives away prizes of $5,000 each week. The same kind of competition is available for baseball as well. They have special bracket offers almost every time during playoffs, as well as special offers around certain holidays like Thanksgiving. There’s a lot to find out about the bonuses, since we feel like we’ve only dove into the main things you need to know. But rest assured: all their offers have the same quality as the ones we’ve highlighted here. And we have to say, we’re quite pleased with how the bonus scheme looks.

Of course, we do know that this bonus scheme is useless without a place to spend the money we win. Thankfully, in terms of odds and games selection, the broker looks just as good as you’d expect in 2019. With betting algorithms becoming more and more precise, odds differences become increasingly hard to find, especially during season peaks (like NBA playoffs or the Super Bowl) and on famous sporting events. In short, we don’t believe you’ll find huge odds differences between bookmakers anymore, and from what we were able to see, measured pretty well with the best in the industry in that manner.

Sports Betting Markets

Their sport offer is also what every American punter wants and needs. They have all the big competitions like the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL or MLS, along with lots of college competitions and a very healthy amount of minor leagues. For all these options, the things we were interested in the most was the number of betting options per individual game, and furthermore, the number of lines (like -110) which were available for each selection. We were thrilled with the number of options we’ve found, but we did find one thing that wasn’t as pleasing: there is a certain lack of long-term bets or more “unique” bets with If you’re looking to just make 3-4 bets per year, maybe on big events such as championship winners, you might find the selection offers to be lacking.

Live Betting

Live betting and mobile betting have also been a top priority for BetNow, which isn’t surprising in any way. The importance of these two has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, and it’s only natural to expect a relatively young broker to fare well in these areas. Their live betting area works very quickly and straightforward, without any visible lag, while their website is very well-optimised for mobile traffic. We find it hard to navigate websites from smartphones sometimes, but offers no such worries.

Online Casino Section At

online casino at BetNow

Apart from betting, there are a lot of other things you can do on the website, either purely for fun or to win some additional money. We’ve mentioned the casino above, but we haven’t said a word about horse racing, poker, or other games which they offer their customers. Most of these games come with individual bonuses and offers, which can only delight the punters which want to enjoy some time away from sports betting. These games aren’t treated lightly, either – for example, their poker service is outsourced to, a well-known provider in the area.

Banking Methods

When it comes to banking methods and money management, we were sceptical we would find good things when it comes to Usually, withdraw times (for example) are good only with established brokers, who have a steady income for many years and move more money around for more customers. The sportsbook has impressed us in this matter, being able to process withdraw requests in as little as 48 hours, of course, depending on how you want to withdraw your money. Withdraws in cryptocurrencies or on MoneyGram take a lot longer. One downside is that Betnow doesn’t offer any fee-free withdraws, also the fee that they charge isn’t exaggerated. There is an upper limit of $1,000 per cash withdraw which might prove to be a problem for those with larger accounts.

Max. & Min. Betting Limits

There are some betting limits with as well, which we have to mention as well – we’ve taken them from the terms and conditions of the website. A BetNow customer is able to bet $10,000 on a side (and $5,000 on a total) during an NFL game day. Moreover, he can bet $1,000 on NFL games Mondays, $3,000 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and $5,000 on Fridays and Saturdays. BetNow has also reduced its minimum bet to  $1, which is now in line with other books. The default used to be a hefty $10, but we are happy to report that it has been lowered which is a nice improvement to see.

Customer Support

From a customer support standpoing, we didn’t run into lots of surprises. We are happy to see that offers customer support via live chat, a feature we often find lacking with other brkers, but they’re also available via e-mail or telephone ( 844-823-8669) , in both English and Spanish. They also offer 24/7 customer support, a thing few sites can boast with.


The bottom line, for us, is quite simple: although there are some technical hiccups here and there and some things which aren’t exactly ideal, is a great sports betting site in terms of what matters most these days: good bonuses, a website that works quick on both desktop and mobile, and lots of options for punters. We’re sure that they’re well on their way to become a leading broker in the US and are looking forward to re-writing this review a few years from now.