Online Gambling Industry In The UK

Gambling is an activity that is present for many centuries in different parts of the world. Over all these years, the forms of gambling have changed and evolved and new forms have emerged.

However, experts agree that the changes that happened in the last 20 years were more radical than ever before and they’ve made gambling more enjoyable and profitable.

Thanks to the technological advancements, people can now enjoy online gambling. The online gambling industry is growing very fast and it is especially strong in the United Kingdom which is not a surprise because the UK has a rich history of gambling.


Online Gambling Industry In The UK

According to some statistics, online gambling is the most popular form of gambling in the United Kingdom. Every person who is 18 years old or over is able to participate in online gambling. It is perfectly legal for citizens of the United Kingdom to place bets online.

In addition to the age restriction, gamblers must be sure that they are using a legal website. They can do this by checking the licenses of the website they use.

When it comes to the games that are played online, most people in the United Kingdom play the same games as the ones found in regular casinos and betting shops – bingo, sports betting, lotteries, table games, card games, slots etc.

Online gambling sites accept almost every form of payment. There are a small number of banks that don’t support online gambling, but most of them accept this activity.

When it comes to the sites they usually accept: Visa debit and credit cards, Mastercard debit and credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash and direct bank transfer. The same goes when it comes to withdrawals. You can use all these options to withdraw your winnings.


The British gambling industry generated gross revenue of more than 7 billion pounds in 2015, which is about 3% more than the previous year. What is interesting is that about 30% of this revenue belongs to the online gambling industry.

It is important to mention, that almost one third of this revenue comes from football betting. This is by far the most popular betting activity in land and online betting. It is followed by horse racing betting (three times less revenue) and dogs betting (30 times less).

In the recent period there is a trend in the online gambling market that won’t stop in the near future – popularity of online casinos. They are growing very fast each year (10%) and slots seem to be the fastest growing form of casino games on the Internet in the UK. Almost half of the revenue of online casinos comes from slots.

Even though there are millions of UK accounts on these sites, it is believed that four million of them are active (more than one activity in a period of 6 months). The attractive bonuses and offers as well as the convenience are still one of the main reasons why more and more people in the UK are turning to online gambling activities.