EURO 2016 Betting Tips, Preview & Analysis

With most of the European leagues over or almost over, people all over the continent are starting to give more and more attention to EURO 2016 betting. It will surely be an exciting competition – first time we see 24 teams, more teams coming out of group stages, debutant participants and lots of people stating that their team will go ahead and win the title. Only a football fan knows the emotions that a football match can make you feel. It can lift you up then throw you to the ground. A good match can lift one’s spirit greatly, while a disappointing one can wreck one’s mood for days. It can trigger emotions that you didn’t even know you have in you. Grown men can shed sincere tears of joy or sadness. The EURO Cup is one of the key football championships in the field. It is the place where Europe’s finest teams gather up so you will see only the highest quality football possible. The UEFA EURO 2016 will be no exception. This year’s tournament features some new and unique traits to make it even more interesting. We now have 24 teams at the starting line, divided into 6 groups, unlike the usual 16 teams in 4 groups. uefa euro 2016 draw png We have quite a few debutants, like Albania and Wales, while we also have teams who wanted as many as 44 years for another appearance in the final tournament (Hungary). Although some traditional teams have failed to qualify (Holland being the most notable), we’re sure that this year’s tournament will provide lots of attractive, offensive football. Most clubs around the continent have focused more and more on creating chances than defending, which is at least a hint that we’ll see more attacking teams than defensive ones. With all these different things to enjoy, be sure to follow the European Championship from start to finish. Statistical analysis and history are great to know when such a competition starts, but let’s jump over that in our EURO 2016 betting previews, and start directly to the teams involved. At the end of the day, though, there are a couple of teams that are considered the main contenders for this year’s tournament and a few select individuals are the most likely top goalscorers of the competition. As always, we have a few favorites and a few outsiders who have a chance to go all the way.

Contenders for the title and betting odds from online bookmakers

France We start with the French team because they host this year’s championship. They won the last competition they hosted, the 1998 World Cup, and have a very balanced squad this year, along a very talented manager. All their players, from goalkeeper to forwards play at top squads and most of them (Lloris, Matuidi, Varane, Martial, Sakho, Griezmann, Pogba – to name a few) were decisive in this season for their teams. Our prediction is that France reaches the final this year and has a good chance of winning it. Spain The current holders of the trophy are looking less powerful than 4 years ago. They are still far from being a weak time, but Casillas is aging, Xavi, Iniesta and Xabi Alonso no longer form the best midfield in the world, they lack a world-class striker and their team has a lot of debutants. We think that Spain will not make a fool of themselves, but won’t progress very far either. Germany The World Champions are viewed as strong favorites for this year’s competition. The only change compared to the team which won the 2014 World Cup lies in central midfield. The pair that held the team together, Schweinsteiger and Khedira, is far away from their top form and will surely be replaced, as well as former captain Lahm, which withdrawn from the squad. They still possess top-quality players (Ozil, Schurrle, Gotze, Muller and Neuer to name a few) and are widely expected to reach the final. England The English team is always one which can provide surprises. Their newcomers (Alli, Kane, Vardy and Sterling) are all players which haven’t played in a major competition, but are enormous talents coming from teams which have dominated the Premier League. This year they seem to have a shot at the competition, as they always do. Their place will probably be a little under the hot favorites. Belgium The surprise inclusion in this year’s favorites list, the Belgium will bring to Euro 2016 is the best they ever had. Lukaku, De Bruyne, Hazard, Fellaini and the rest are all top-quality players, which performed absolutely great in the qualifiers. If there is an underdog which can go all the way this year, that’s Belgium.

Potential Goalscorers

As far as goalscorers are concerned, the general idea is very easy: you need to play many games to win the top goalscorer award. The only player who can have a shot at this title outside the big teams is Ronaldo, who only needs 3 or 4 games to score a handful of goals. Apart from the Portuguese star, most of the teams listed above have a contender for this award. Belgium has Lukaku who has impressed in the Premier League, England has Kane who was the top goalscorer in the same league, Germany has Muller who always seems to be on top of his game and France have Griezmann, who led Atletico all the way to the Champions League final this year. They are the main contenders for this year’s golden boot, but each of them would surely trade this award for winning the title.

Betting Odds: Top Goalscorer

Gareth Bale (Wales): 8.00 or 7/1

Thomas Muller (Germany): 81.00 or 80/1

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal): 9.50 or 17/2

Antoine Griezmann (France): 1.71 or 5/7

Olivier Giroud (France): 7.00 or 6/1

Dimitri Payet (France): 9.00 or 8/1

People might be surprised we haven’t included other squads in this preview – like Sweden, Italy, Portugal and Russia. All squads have a few great players, but lack overall quality and find themselves in a transition phase at the moment. They might provide one or two surprises, but are considered much too inconsistent to go all the way. At this point in time, this wraps up our EURO 2016 betting previews. At the end of the competition, we’ll see if we were at least close with our predictions, or if teams like Albania and Romania will be the Leicester City of the European Championship.

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Let’s prepare in advance for Euro 2016 together, for it will surely be a great ride.

Last Update: 08/07/2016