5 Facts About English Premier League

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With the announcement of the record breaking domestic TV rights, shirt sponsorship deals with bookmakers and well-know companies in England’s Premier League, the power and allure of English football appears to be growing on a global scale. But why is this? Of course England is the home to some best teams in the world but arguably doesn’t showcase the highest quality of soccer either. So what is it that makes the English Premier League such a lucrative product? premier-league-trophy

Even Wealth Distribution

It’s a sad reality but football is no longer as competitive as it once was, dominating teams have risen globally and with the current systems in place few look to be able to challenge the status quo. The English Premier League then offers a refreshing level of competition, thanks in large part to the even distribution of the game’s TV revenue; smaller teams are able to compete on a much more relative footing to their more glorious competitors. While the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United obviously have a significant financial edge, this gap is minimised as a result of even distribution. La Liga could certainly learn a thing or two.


The English football game is built upon pure athleticism; it provides the platform for players to showcase the peak of their physical abilities. The game is uncompromising, even the most technical players can struggle to survive in a competition where a barnstorming tackle is appreciated just as much as a blockbuster shot. While this element often comes in for criticism across mainland Europe, it is an appreciated characteristic on a global scale.


Due to the league’s competitive nature it typically throws up more surprises on a weekly basis than any of its European counterparts. Rarely a match week goes by without some form of surprise result, much to the chagrin of accumulators across the globe it is almost impossible to predict. While often the same 6 teams all occupy the top positions, the order in which they finish is often anyone’s best guess. english premier league players

Flow of the game

What separates the English game from European football and other tournaments like a UEFA Champions League is often the pace and tenacity of the play. This high tempo can be attributed to the leniency of refereeing in the Premier League. What constitutes as a foul on the continent is often considered a great challenge in England. With fewer stoppages in play teams are free to implement their game plan at a much greater pace and this is reflected in the flow of the game.


While the action on the field is what everyone wants to see, the narratives off the pitch can often be just as enjoyable. With colourful characters like Jose Mourinho, Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger, the English Premier League is often just as entertaining in the press box as it is on the pitch.

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