Betting system – “Easy Money”

betting system easy money

Sports betting is seen in different ways by different people – from a fun pastime, to a chance to earn some money from time to time, all the way to a way to significantly increase your income.

For the latter (which we hope you are), just randomly picking events based on inspiration and a few research is not enough. Experienced betters know they need an edge to constantly beat betting agencies, and this edge is usually their betting system.

Although there are a lot of different betting systems online (a simple google search will prove this), we will try to focus on less-known ones. Anybody can try systems like Martingale, Fibonnaci or constantly betting on away wins, but these prove hard to use after a simple statistical analysis. Today, we will focus on a system we like to call “Easy Money”.

What Is The Purpose Of The System?

The purpose of the system is to double your money – no more, no less. If you want more money, it’s easy to target that, but for the sake of the analysis, let’s presume you have a bank of 200 units, and your goal is to reach 400 units.

For starts, we will use half our bank, meaning 100 units. Here is the interesting part. Usually, you would look for high odds to gain good money, right? In this system, we are aiming for the opposite – small odds, which will almost certainly happen, week after week, game after game.

How To Practice The “Easy Money” Strategy?

We will bet tickets made out of 1 or 2 events, with a maximum odd of 1.20 per ticket. Usually, we will look for bets like “over 0,5 goals” per game, meaning that we just need a goal – doesn’t matter who scores, when he scores or for which team. We just need a goal.

This type of bet usually has an odd between 1.05 and 1.09. If we take 2 events and combine them, we can have an odds of 1.15. First, we will bet all the 100 units on this odd – winning 15 units. Add this win to the initial bank (15 + 100) and place it on your next bet of 1.15-1.20 odd – and so forth, until you either double your money (takes 8 or 9 successful bets), or lose.

If you lose, immediately start the same system with the other half of your money (the other 100 unites). In practice, you will tie 8-9 wins much more often than losing 1 bet. The rules are simple : just follow easy bets and look for small odds.

Look for +1,5 handicap bets on favourites, +0,5 goals in game, double chance bets on favourites, and things like this. If you want to read more about our betting systems, we’ll prepare similar articles for other systems as well. Good luck with your bets this weekend.

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