Premier League Clubs Sponsorship Deals With Betting Companies – Top 5

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In case you are following the English Premier League, you have probably noticed that there is an increased number of clubs that have the brand names of popular online bookmakers on their shirts. This trend started about 15 years ago and intensified in the last couple of years. There is no doubt that this is something that brings benefits to both clubs and bookmakers. The English Premier League is followed by millions of people and many of them enjoy sports betting. Now let’s highlight the top 5 sponsorship deals with betting companies of the EPL.

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1. Betway – West Ham

westham2016t-shirt In February, 2015, West Ham revealed a record shirt sponsorship deal with one of the most popular online bookmakers today – Betway. This was certainly excellent news for West Ham after they’ve lost their previous shirt sponsors because the company collapsed. Betway agreed to pay about 20 million pounds in three and a half years. This was a great boost for West Ham’s new project – the Olympic Stadium. The management of the team didn’t hide the satisfaction of this new deal and stated that they hope that this sponsorship will last for many years.

2. Dafabet – Sunderland

sunderland2016t-shirtIn June, 2015, Sunderland announced that the logo of Dafabet will be part of their home and away shirts and that Dafabet will become their main sponsor. Dafabet is an online bookmaker that exists for more than 11 years now. This is one of the most powerful players on the British and Asian betting market. This means that with this sponsorship, Sunderland can grow its popularity in Asia too. Sunderland has always wanted to become a well-known global brand. The deal will last for 2 years with an option for renewal. Its estimated value is about 5 million pounds a year.

3. Bet 365 – Stoke City

stokecity2016t-shirt Bet 365 is probably the most popular online bookmaker in the world. In 2012, they have decided to sign a three-year deal with Stoke City. The Bet 365 logo is now placed on front of Stoke shirts. One of the main reasons why Bet 365 decided to make this deal is the fact that the company is based in Stoke-on-Trent. Thanks to this sponsorship, Stoke City receives 3 million pounds a year.

4. TLCBet – West Bromwich

westbromwich2016t-shirt Starting from July, 2015, West Bromwich Albion has included the TLCBet logo on their shirts. This is one of the most popular bookmakers in Asia. It provides sports betting & casino games and it is very popular in China. Also this was a record sponsorship deal for West Bromwich Albion – 2.3 million pounds a year.

5. 138 – Watford

watford2016t-shirt 138 Bet is an Asian online bookmaker that operates in Europe too. In 2015, they have signed a deal with Watford that made their logo available on Watford’s home and away shirts. The management of has decided to make this move in order to expand their market to Europe. The deal ends this year and it is expected to be continued. Watford got one million pounds a year from this sponsorship. Guardar Guardar Guardar

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